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Altofest Festival (Naples): Deadline for submissions extended




Altofest takes place in different areas of Naples, the program run five days, from 11:00 to midnight.

The spaces in which Altofest will take place may vary according to nature, dimensions. They may be indoors or outdoors. All the spaces of Altofest belong to the citizens involved whom either lives there or take personally care of them.
The program of Altofest is composed solely by a selection of original performances, that have already been completed and performed in front of an audience, create for a formal space. Subject and contents are free. Performances must belong to the field of Live Arts (theatre, dance, performances, and all interdisciplinary variations).
The performances are intertwined with public talks, coordinated by the OCr (Critique Panel), and meetings with international cultural experts, who are invited to participate in Texture (a platform for dialogue on action and projection of cultural practices and artistic visions). Artists, citizens and cultural experts are all invited to equally take part in these public moments of the debate, to share and discuss the questions that come out from the practices that the Fest triggers.

Curatorial approach

The Artistic Direction assigns the space to the artist, making sure to match the artistic work with the space donor citizen and his/her space, according to a unique dramaturgy tracing the several paths of Altofest as part of one play, for which the stage is the city.
In order to offer a further exchange of views, the Artistic Directors and the Dramaturg of Altofest plan a personal encounter with each artist, committing to analyse the work that took place during the residency.


Proposals may refer to one or more finished and already debuted works. Works must be original. Subject, contents and themes of the proposals are free.
Proposals will be considered only if regarding Live Arts field (theatre, dance, performance, and their cross-disciplinary declinations).
All professional artists can apply, with no distinction among nationality, language or age.
Amateur groups are excluded.

Artist will be invited to a residency to re-qualify their work, for five days. The work will be then open to the audience during the following five days.
The presence of the artist is required for the entire period of Altofest, for ten days.

Altofest ensures accommodation, subsistence, and a lump sum, follow the terms and conditions written in the regulation document, that you find beside the form online.

The deadline has been extended to 27 January.

More details and info on how to apply here.