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in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Belgrade Art Studio Residency


Zdjęcie użytkownika Belgrade Art Studio Residency.


BELGRADE ART STUDIO RESIDENCY  is a non-profit  international art program designed to bring talented artists, creative practitioners, researchers and writers from around the world to experience a unique cultural environment dedicated to art. Selected artists are invited to live and work in specially designed studio for a period up to 6 months. By bringing the creators of art in a unique setting the Program aims to situate art at the very heart of historical Belgrade.



Who can apply?

Residency is open to all emerging and established artists, curators and researchers or couples over the age of 18 with no limitation on artistic discipline or nationality.

Please note:

  • Artists may apply more than once every calendar year.
  • Alumni are also encouraged to apply
  • Participants are expected to be able to communicate effectively in English.
  • Due to the historic nature of our facilities, we regret that Belgrade art studio is not handicapped accessible at the present time.
  • Couples may apply together. If they are accepted, they will share the studio and facilites.
  • Every participant can bring along one family member or partner that will pay 50% of the price as well as a pet, free of charge.



Residencies are currently offered to selected artists at a rate of eur450 a week. A monthly rate is eur1450. Pick-up and drop-off for arrival and departure is Included.

A special weekend package is offered at a rate of eur200, subject to availability, from Friday to Sunday, which includes transportation from/to Nikola Tesla International Airport.

Residencies are available year-round and are self-catering.

Please see the what we offer in the STUDIO/ACCOMMODATION section for information on what is provided, such as bedding, internet, pick-up and drop-off for arrival and departure, complimentary Belgrade City Tour, welcoming dinner, etc.


We are very grateful to those residents who opt to pay for their residency in full, as it allows us to offer need-based financial aid to other talented creatives who would be unable to attend without assistance.


To find out more about the residency, please visit belgradeartstudio.com