East European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP) supports the
development of contemporary performing arts (dance and theatre)
in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Call for choreographers based in the EU from Aerowaves Europe


Application deadline: 12 September 2016

Opportunities for Artists

Why apply to Aerowaves?

  • Reach a network

    Everyone who applies to Aerowaves has the chance to have their work programmed by the partners of the network, whether or not they are selected as Aerowaves artists. Around 100 performance opportunities are guaranteed by the partners and supported by Aerowaves each year.

  • Exposure for your work

    Should you be selected as one of the Aerowaves Twenty, your work will be promoted by Aerowaves via its website for one year by an artist profile, with images, video and press coverage all in one place.

  • Promotional Opportunities

    As one of the Aerowaves Twenty, you will be able to announce your forthcoming performances in the Aerowaves calendar and we will share this through our networks and social media.

  • Spring Forward

    You may be selected to perform your work at our Spring Forward Festival. We guarantee to programme at least 10 of the current Aerowaves Twenty artists in the festival each year. 

  • If at first...

    If you are not selected in one year, it is worth applying again (with a different work) in subsequent years. This can help to build recognition and understanding for your work, especially if you are a very new choreographer. 


Applications will open at 9am on 1 June 2016 and close at midnight on 12 September 2016.

Each application must include a link to a video hosted on Vimeo AND the original video file must be sent to us using We Transfer - we are not using DVDs anymore!


  • Read the eligibility criteria thoroughly before putting your application together
  • Get your application in as early as possible
  • Give yourself plenty of time to upload your video to Vimeo – technical hitches cause stress, especially at the last minute!
  • Make sure the video of the work you are submitting is of the highest possible quality and correct length
  • Let your national Aerowaves representatives know that you are applying and invite them to see your performance live


  • Please upload your video to Vimeo in HD and include the link in your application form
  • Use the privacy settings if you do not wish it to be public, but include the password in your application form
  • If your video is too big for Vimeo's free membership, you should take a Vimeo Plus subscription for one month at €10.50
  • We use your Vimeo links to share with Aerowaves Partners before our Annual Meeting in October - so that they can do their homework!


  • We no longer accept DVDs sent in the post
  • Name your video file with the title of your work
  • Please follow the instructions on wetransfer.com to upload and send your video file to [email protected]
  • Ensure that you send us the highest quality video file that you have of your work
  • We will download your video file onto a hard drive to use during our Annual Meeting in October


Since our selection process is assisted by watching a video recording, it's really important that you think about how your work will come across.

  • The video should be a fairly simple record of a public performance of the work from beginning to end
  • If you are applying with an edited version of a longer work, the video you provide must be of the shortened version
  • It should include close-ups and wide shots – think about how best to represent the work in terms of details / angles / capturing the scale
  • Promotional videos are not acceptable, nor are videos of any work other than the one with which you are applying to Aerowaves


To find out more, please visit www.aerowaves.org/artists/opportunities-for-artists