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in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Call for projects: Encouraging culture for an open society (Allianz Cultural Foundation)


From the organisers:

The non-profit Allianz Cultural Foundation initiates and sponsors multilateral art, culture and education projects in Europe and the Mediterranean fostering mutual understanding and dialogue that transcends borders. Our main focus is on cross-disciplinary and contemporary projects that put innovative approaches in art, culture and education into practice and that help shape social change in the spirit of European integration. We particularly support programs that promote exchange, encounters and digitization, that ignite enthusiasm for the European project in young people, and that forge ties between participating players.

Creating spaces for resilience and solidarity

We believe that the open society depends on people who have the courage to engage in controversy and express their own opinions. They need spaces for this in order to implement their ideas. Resonance spaces are necessary so that they can present their projects and engage in discussion beyond their own filter bubble and disseminate their knowledge in the public domain. And they need networks in order to establish themselves beyond national borders and across social strata. These networks are necessary to mobilise their ideas. We believe that societies need to be continually shaken up and challenged so that they remain open and continue to develop. Culture and society are in a permanent state of flux. This generates tensions and conflicts while also creating opportunities for change and new beginnings.

Promoting projects that challenge and surprise

Our call addresses actors who use the tools of art and culture to create spaces, facilitate a critical debate, promote an exchange of ideas and encourage networking across borders. We are looking for projects that reflect the fractures in our societies, integrate different positions, adopt a translocal approach, demonstrate the courage to shake people up, and surprise and challenge them as a result.

Our central concerns relate to the process (who is involved?) and audience (who is being addressed?) without defining ground rules for the genre, discipline or aesthetic approach. We are open to all fields of artistic endeavour and we are particularly interested in interdisciplinary experimental work. The submitted projects do not have to address all the aspects highlighted in the call for projects. Since the amount of funding provided by the Allianz Kulturstiftung will generally not exceed 50 % of the total costs of a project, we recommend applying for sums of between € 30,000 and a maximum of € 80,000.

The deadline to apply is 30 September. For more information about the application process, go here.

Photo by Bernhard Ludewig