East European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP) supports the
development of contemporary performing arts (dance and theatre)
in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Call for short choreographical pieces: Nemzetközi Tánc Fesztivál | International Dance Festival (Hungary)


Application deadline: December 2, 2017


The competition program of the Festival can receive 20 solo and 20 duo performances. We want to ensure the possibility for everyone to perform regardless of the large number of perspective participants, SzoloDuo Festival is also going to be completed with nomination-rounds. The nomination rounds will be held in three different countries - Poland, Germany and Hungary.

The festival can not host performances in which there is no intention for a unique presentation, which means that improvisations without any structure or  choreography that was performed before will not be accepted.


Conditions for Application

Applicants who won the solo or duo dance production in the previous year's edition of the festival are admitted into the competitive program automatically.
Polish applicants shall turn to EFERTE Dance Development Foundation Warsaw to apply.
Applicants living in Germany, The Netherlands and Luxemburg shall apply at Barnes Crossing.


You can apply to the Festival with short solo or duo dance performances under the following conditions:

  • For the dance performance, as a uniform, unique creation, the festival gives the premier (re-choreography of already existing pieces is only possible, if the result is a new, uniform production).
  • Applicants must be at least 16 years old.
  • The length of a solo performance can not be more than 6 minutes (best lenght: 4min) and no more than 9 minutes (best lenght: 6min) in the case of duo performances. Exceeding these time limits will cause an automatic disqualification of the participant.
  • Tools or instruments can be used in the performances but only if their installation can not take more than 30 seconds previous to the performance. Tools (candles, water, dye) that can damage or soil the stage floor are forbidden to use.
  • One choreographer or performer can apply with one solo and one duo production maximum.


To submit your performance, you need to send a complete registration material before deadline, which includes:

  • Filled registration form
  • Confirmation of paid registration fee
  • Link of the video (in case of DVD nomination)
  • Press-quality picture


Applicants living in Germany, The Netherlands and Luxemburg shall apply at Barnes Crossing at http://www.barnescrossing.de
Applicants from Poland need apply through Eferte Dance Development Foundation at http://www.eferte.pl
For the Hungarian and Slovakian, Czech, etc. participants the nomination round will be held in the MOHA - Mozdulatművészek Háza - Mozdulatművészeti Stúdió (Art of Movement Studio) in Budapest.
For applicants who not able to participate at any pre-nomination rounds, the organizers will hold a video-nomination.
To apply for the video nomination you will have to share the video: upload a HD quality video on the youtube and share the link.
Other terms: The video should introduce the piece in a way that the jury can be familiar and adjudge it (for example a shot in a rehearasal room) All other conditions are the same, like the traditional way, so the application form should be filled and registration fee paid.