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Call for Submissions: 2nd International Contest of the Theatrical Poster (Irkutsk, Russia)


Deadline for submissions: 25.07.2017

Zdjęcie użytkownika Александра Лобанова.


The Humanitarian Project “Odessa Breeze” holds the 2nd International Contest of the Theatrical Poster in Irkutsk (Russia) in September, 2017. The 2nd International Contest of the Theatrical Poster takes place within the frameworks of the XI Vampilov International Theatrical Festival of Modern Drama which takes place at the Okhlopkov Academician Drama Theatre (Irkutsk). 
The main aim of the Contest is the development of theatrical poster as an art form, as well as strengthening international cultural ties by providing opportunities for participation in the contest for artists from all over the world. 

The 1st International Contest-Exhibition of the Theatrical Poster opened in Museum of Western and Eastern Art (Odessa, Ukraine) in September, 2013. This Exhibition took place within the scope of the International Theatrical Festival “Meetings in Odessa”. The Contest-Exhibition organizers were Theatre Union of Russia, State Theatre Agency of Russia, Odessa Academic Russian Drama Theater, Humanitarian Project “Odessa Breeze”. 144 artists from 17 countries participated in the Contest and more than 400 posters were sent and placed at the official site.

This year the Contest provides theatre artists and designers with ample opportunity for participating. The Contest will have 2 nominations:

  • classical poster
  • advertising video clips of performances for city boards, Internet and e-media 

There will also be two special diplomas in each nomination: 

  1. "Vampilov The Dramatist" - posters and videos for performances based on Vampilov's plays. 
  2. "Russian World" - posters and videos for performances based on works of Russian authors (dramatists, composers, writers) in theatres beyond Russia. 



The posters ought to be created between 2009 and 2017 and can accompany any performances.

1.Posters can be created in any techiques on A1 format in *tif (*jpg) format with at least 150 dpi.

2. Advertising video clips of performances have to be in avi, fla, mp4 format and last no more than 40 seconds.

Works should be sent together with the application form  by e-mail to [email protected]  until 25.07.2017.


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