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Call for Submissions: the Copenhagen International Choreography Competition (CICC)


DeadlineMay 6th, 2018


The Copenhagen International Choreography Competition (CICC) is a platform to discover and promote emerging contemporary choreographers. 

Since its founding in 2008, the CICC has been an annual event attracting talent from around the world, as well as becoming one of the most recognized choreography competitions in Europe.


Prizes: (in Danish Currency)

  • First Place: 30.000 DKK
  • Second Place: 20.000 DKK
  • Third Place: 10.000 DKK
  • Best Performer Award: 5.000 DKK
  • Audience Award: 5.000 DKK



  • Wednesday, July 11th: Participant’s arrival in Copenhagen.
  • Thursday, July 12th: Stage rehearsals for first half of the finalists.
  • Friday, July 13th: Stage rehearsals for second half of the finalists and Choreography Competition 2018.
  • Saturday, July 14th: Gala Performance
  • Sunday, July 15th: Departure


The Choreography Competition will be held before a live audience, including a jury comprised of invited members of the dance world.

Winning pieces will be announced after the Choreography Competition on Friday, July 13th 2018. 

Winning pieces will also be presented on Saturday July 14th 2018 in a Gala performance held in their honor.



CICC will provide accommodation for all participating dancers and choreographers from Wednesday, July 11th to Sunday, July 15th 2018.

PLEASE NOTE: CICC does not cover travel expenses.


Conditions of Entry




  1. The organizers must receive applications no later than May 6th 2018.

  2. All participants, including dancers and choreographers, are required to have professional experience.

  3. Choreographers must be under 40 years of age.

  4. The competition is open to solos, duets, and group works.

  5. Subject and music of all pieces is open to the choreographer. Please note that the competition is focused on contemporary works.

  6. The work may be interpreted by the choreographer him/herself. 

  7. The work should be between 5 and 15 minutes long. 

  8. A link to a online recording of the piece you wish to present at the Choreography Competition 2018 should be included with the online application. (Rehearsal recording is acceptable.)

  9. Submitted works must have been choreographed after July 13th, 2016. 

  10. If you are applying with a new creation, links to online recordings of two recent pieces by the choreographer should be included along with the online application. 

  11. Those involved in the event should be available for performances and necessary rehearsals free of charge. This includes any possible radio/TV interviews, press conferences, and TV/Internet broadcasting.

Find out more at https://www.cph-icc.dk/info