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Call for Submissions: MEXE 2019 International Art and Community Festival (Portugal)


Deadline: 30 November 2018


MEXE - International Art and Community Festival has been affirmed as one of the key spaces of meaningful crossover between artistic practices and political participation, both in national and international contexts. 
Throughout its previous four editions (2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017), MEXE had more than 1500 participants from 22 different countries and more than 20,000 spectators in 130 actions that took place in 30 distinct areas of Porto. The upcoming edition will also have extensions in Faro and Lisbon.

This open call invites artists to submit proposals that may fit into the main goals of the Festival, with emphasis on the theme and concepts of this edition.


The next edition of MEXE focuses on the theme "The Common". How do we situate ourselves in a collective experience contaminated by the ecstasy of success and the imperialism of the individual and his needs? After the disappointment with different political configurations what inspires us in today and in the future?

Contemporary artistic practices have plunged into these and other concerns of the world of the here and now. In its most different geographies art connects with the real rehearsing poetic productions that make us believe that a future is drawn by many different hands. Considering the complexity of the participatory creation processes, with several voices, with constant advances and setbacks, the challenges are essentially related to the construction of renewed ways of doing and being.

In a moment of urgency to desecrate what has been established to reach what is yet to come, MEXE proposes a meeting of the artistic, social, political and ethical dimensions in celebration of the courage and inevitability of being together to think and to make worlds.

artistic direction


Find out more at www.mexe.org.pt