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in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Choreography in the Centre: a year-long course in experimental choreography (Mazury, Poland)


From the organisers:

Choreography in the Centre (Centrum w Ruchu) is a year-long course in experimental choreography divided into two cycles, each of which are made of 6 weekend workshops. The classes will be lead by three choreographers: Marysia Stokłosa, Renata Piotrowska and Magdalena Ptasznik. Choreography in the Centre is an educational project for a group of selected participants, who are interested in in-depth choreographic practice. It is open to organizers, dancers, free listeners and graduates of higher education dance schools, choreographers and dance theorists who are not afraid of dance practice. The project is based on the assumption that choreography is a discipline which joins creative skills with intelligence, sensitivity and the ability to view reality from a critical perspective. We notice that even with the growing interest in dance, there is still an insufficient amount of places, which support artists who search for their own choreographic language by giving them a place for growth and exchange.
The participants of the course will gain choreographic tools, learn how to develop their research skills, how to build choreography, how to present their work and will also be encouraged to think and speak of what they do and what they see. They will be confronted with such topics as: the source of one’s own creativity, giving feedback to oneself and the others, the relationship between experience/reflection/practice. All this will be confronted with the context of the most contemporary dance theory and history.

More information (in Polish) here.