East European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP) supports the
development of contemporary performing arts (dance and theatre)
in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

CircusNextplus: Call for projects and circus creators


Deadline: 19 December 2018

Are you an emerging creator in the field of contemporary circus? Are you challenged by your “double-hat” position as artistic creator and project leader? CircusNextplus proposes artistic and leadership support to better face this challenge.

CircusNextplus is a new European project coordinated by Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe and carried out by La Grainerie (France), La Central del Circ (Spain), Cirqueon (Czech Republic), Latitude 50 (Belgium), and Subtopia (Sweden).

This new program aims at supporting emerging creators of contemporary circus in all aspects of their creation path as artistic directors and as project leaders.

Five companies will be selected – one company from each country, and offered a 2-year European program to develop their skills as creators and as leaders.

Each selected company will participate in: - 3 collective labs gathering artistic creators of all 5 companies (in France and Sweden)


  • collective exploration of each company’s artistic project and creation processes
  • coaching and counselling by hosting partner and mentors

- 2 artistic teams workshops per selected company (held abroad), gathering each time all members of their teams (artistic creators, artists, technicians, light/sound designer, producer, outside eye…)


  • research and experimentation on their creation project
  • link the creation project with all necessary aspects, beyond purely artistic matters, to bring the project to fruition (artistic, technical, production, communication, etc. aspects) 


CircusNext+ Selection criteria 

  • originality of the artistic project (creativity, singularity)
  • coherence and relevance of the project
  • quality of the performance skills (artistic excellence, technical level, presence on stage)
  • ability to bring the project to fruition


Find out more at www.circusnext.eu