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Dance Videography: Call for entries (Open Your Mind London´19)


From the organisers

OPEN YOUR MIND London is a multi-day experimental dance & arts festival that features a showcase of provocative performances, Videography works, as well as an experimental dance battle.

This event challenges the creativity within the urban and contemporary dance scenes, as well as the music and arts community in London. Enriching the experiences of all participants & spectators by pushing the boundaries of traditional perceptions of art and movement, this event will undoubtedly OPEN YOUR MIND.

OPEN YOUR MIND London ´19 is searching for innovative, unique, experimental and outside-of-the-box-thinking Dance-Videography works.

All artists should integrate the theme of “Journeys” in their submitted work or reflect their interpretation of London’s essence in their submission. The work should also involve dance/movement and may not be longer than 5 minutes, and can incorporate up to 30 dancers.

Videos will be showcased at the Laban Theatre on the 5th October as part of the OPEN YOUR MIND London ’19 Dance Festival.

Prize: £300

Successful applicants will be notified by 15 September.

To apply, please send an email to:

[email protected]

with the following by Sunday 1 September 2019:
– Full Name
– Artist Name
– Phone Number
– Title of the work
– Credits
– Link with the Uploaded Video work (via a private Link on Vimeo + password).

There are no costs for participants. Please note, however, that the applicants NEED to be available on the 3rd and 4th October!

Contact details: Svan Buchholz & Emi Matsushita – [email protected]

For more information, go to Theatre Laban's fb fanpage.