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Deadline approaching: 3 bis f 2020 residencies: Research, Production, Performance


Since 1983, 3 bis f has developed a multidisciplinary creative/research space with its contemporary art centre at its heart. Each year, and over varying timeframes, the centre invites artists to come and generate new work or research in an environment of openness and exchange.

Based in the leafy grounds of the Montperrin Psychiatric Hospital, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2017, 3 bis f is a major contributor to the richness and diversity of France’s artist residencies.

The art centre’s vision of a residency focuses on the ideas of an openness to context (one of caring, for the hospital, and multidisciplinarity, for the art centre) to city and society, and to the precise location of creation or research. It prefers the notion of ‘asylum’ - a place of refuge, a space of freedoms - to that of ‘retreat’. That said, a literal confrontation of the history or role of the site is not obligatory, instead there should be an unfolding of natural curiosity, with everyone (resident-artist, hospital users and the general public) finding something to take and something to give.

For the 2019-2020 season, 3 bis f has launched a call for applicants for: 2 research residencies, 2 production residencies and 1 performance residency.

There are different levels of budgets including for research and production.

More information and details on how to apply here.

The deadline to apply is 6 April.