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Divadelná Nitra residency for young theatre professionals from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia- deadline approaching


The deadline to apply for the Nitra residency, 30 August, is approaching. 

[email protected] – Divadelná Nitra 2015 Residency is a creative hub for young theatre professionals (critics, directors, dramaturges) who will, under the leadership of internationally acclaimed theatre theorist and critic Patrice Pavis (France), attend the 24th edition of the Divadelná Nitra Festival.

The 6-day residency under the mentorship of Patrice Pavis (France) at the Divadelná Nitra International Theatre Festival 2015 is open to young theatre critics, theatre directors and dramaturges from the Visegrad Group countries and Ukraine and up to 35 years of age.

The participants will follow all performances of the main programme and selected performances of the accompanying programme. For 6 days, they will work together with Mr Pavis as their mentor, mediator and facilitator. 

Details and info on how to apply here