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Ideal Paradise Ukraine: Call for Participation (deadline approaching)


theatercombinat and urban curators Kiev are looking for citizens, artists, performers, thinkers, urbanists and activists of all ages to participate in the workshop “Applied Poetics in Urban Space” as a part of IDEAL PARADISE UKRAINE. Conceptualized and led by the German artist Claudia Bosse interventions in five different areas of Kiev will be developed, offering choreographic tools and body consciousness exercises in relation to urban space.
The workshop will attempt to use the body as a tool to disrupt the functionality of daily routines, contemplating how to create resistant communities and subvert normative structures. Public space functions as the laboratory for physical learning: using the body as an instrument to sense, relate, construct and physically understand space and movements in the city in order to create alternative imageries.
To participate, no particular knowledge is needed, only interest in exploring different urban landscapes in Kiev during a public working process.

The workshops and interventions will take place in Kiev from 15 to 20 May, 2017 between 5 and 7 pm. Please fill out the application form by 21 April.

Via Szenenwechsel. More information and the link to the application form here.