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International art residence “Shadow of Freedom” at the International Parajanov Festival in Levandivka (Ukraine), 20-27 Aug 2017


Application deadline: 30 June, 2017

For the artists from:

  • Armenia;
  • Azerbaijan
  • Belarus;
  • Georgia;
  • Moldova;
  • Poland;
  • Ukraine.

During the week of 20-27 August, 2017,  Levandivka as the unique Lviv city district will be transformed into the fine arts hub,where the artists invited from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine, working together will form an unforgettable atmosphere of creative synergy with no limits and no boundaries, guided by the ultimate rule of Freedom.
Serhiy Parajanov knew that Freedom remains the foundation of everything. The concept of overall “Freedom” has its own measurement, weight and even price. Freedom has its own shadow. What are the limits of Freedom? How did one understand the limits of Freedom at the time of Parajanov and how do contemporary artists understand these limits now?

We offer you an opportunity to work with the theme of Freedom of Creativity at the festival named after the so-called “Dangerously free person” – Serhiy Parajanov.

The artists from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine are welcome to apply for participation in Art Residence in Parajanov Festival during the week of 20-27 August, 2017.

Application deadline: 30 June, 2017

The organizers will cover costs related to:

  • transportation;
  • accommodation in Lviv;
  • meals;
  • project implementation.

Preferred formats / expected formats of works:

  • New Media;
  • Installation;
  • Performance;
  • Land Art;
  • Collage;
  • Painting (please specify the way of presentation);
  • other.

Recommendations for better comprehension:

  • Parajanov’s correspondence with his wife, son and friends – Andriy Tarkovskyi, Roman Balayan, Mariya Prymachenko, Yuriy Nikulin, Liliya Brik and others;
  • Video and audio interviews with Serhiy Parajanov;
  • Video and audio recordings, texts – memories of people familiar with Parajanov;
  • Films of Andriy Tarkovskyi, Federico Fellini and Oleksandr Dovzhenko;
  • Biographical, mythological and autobiographical texts of Parajanov, his attitude to friendship, family, authority, system, etc;
  • Parajanov’s most significant life episodes as well as key life episodes of famous artists, who were his colleagues, but above all this – his true friends.

The curators of the II Parajanov International Festival in Levandivka are Vikroriia Danelyan and Sarmen Beglarian.

Application form: http://goo.gl/wFoaG2

We also ask participants to send a portfolio and CV to the address
[email protected]

Looking forward to getting your applications!

II Paradjanov International Festival in Levandivka is organized by Lviv City Council’s Department of Culture in partnership with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw, The Ernst Schering Foundation Program and MitOst Association.

The Festival’s partners are Polish Interdisciplinary Center of art and culture development “Dream Projects” and Dream Museum in Kyiv.