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Montag Modus Performance Series: Open call


Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (CHB) invites applicants including visual and performance artists, as well as students to participate in the upcoming events of the Montag Modus performance series in October and December. We accept applications with installations, videos, performances, dance and other types of performative productions.

Planned dates of Montag Modus events
– 10 October 2016
– 12 December 2016

Where: Collegium Hungaricum Berlin; Dorotheenstraße 12, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Deadline for applications:
30 September 2016 for the 12 December 2016 event

Montag Modus is a bimonthly series of CHB, which examines the different aspects of performance art, with a special emphasis on the relationship between spectator and performance. The series presents three performances per event. Montag Modus has been running since May 2015 and has successfully presented 27 performances at 9 events with the participation of over 50 international artists.

The October and December events of the Montag Modus performance series will be focused on ENTROPY, the degree of disorder in changing systems. According to this theory, every person, culture, city, country or universe can be perceived as a changing system, the boundaries of which are being continuously stretched by an internal evolutionary force; thus, by moving beyond their own limits, they interact with other systems, their identity gets blurred, multiplied and remains in a constant state of transition. A system cannot rest until it reaches the peak of its disorder.

Successful applicants will receive:
– 100-300€ per performance, including production costs
– Photo documentation of the performance
– In site accommodation, if necessary
– CHB is responsible for covering communication and organization of performances
– CHB will cover as many technical requirements as possible with prior coordination


– Description of the performance concept (2000-4000 characters)
– Video or foto documentation
– Maximum length of performance piece: 45 minutes
– Anyone can apply with a new or previously performed piece
– Please mark the preferred date or dates of the performance

Applications should be sent to [email protected].

For more details, see the project website at dancingopportunities.com or the Montag Modus Facebook fanpage.