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On the Move's list of networks in Asia related to performing arts


On the Move has compiled a list of networks in Asia related to performing arts.


From On the Moves's website:

While attending the Performing Arts Meeting in Seoul (PAMS) on 9-11 October 2018, we came across different Asian networks that have blossomed, particularly since 2015, in the performing arts sector.

In order to have a better view of the networks’ landscape in Asia, we started to compile this list. Please kindly note that this list is for information only and does not claim to be exhaustive.

Special thanks for their presentations and inputs to Anna Cy Chan (Dance Adviser for West Kowloon Cultural District / Dean of Dance, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts) and Jisun Park (Creative Producer | Producer Group DOT, Korea).

Should you have any information to add and/or to correct, feel free to send an email to mobility(at)on-the-move.org. Thank you!


To find out more, contribute to the list or download it, please visit on-the-move.org