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New Issue of Polish Theatre Journal - Post-Theatre and Its Allies: New Experiments in Polish Theatre


Ohne Titel (Micro-theatre) by Ania Nowak, produced by Komuna // Warszawa. Photographer: Pat. Mic.


PTJ: Polish Theatre Journal

Post-Theatre and Its Allies: New Experiments in Polish Theatre

You can read the new issue here,


From the Editorial Board:

In distinction from its previous editions, this issue of Polish Theatre Journalcomprises three subjects, not just one.

First, the issue presents an extensive section of articles concerning the latest generation of Polish theatre: artists in their thirties and forties who have been leaving a distinctive mark on theatre in Poland over recent seasons, bringing to the table new sensibilities and new working strategies. It’s telling that their roads to theatre have been far from simple: almost nobody in this group holds a degree in theatre directing, learning the ropes of the profession away from the institutional mainstream – away from Poland, in multiple cases.


Education for theatre is another theme of this PTJ issue: problems it grapples with and tasks it is faced with in a time of rapid changes in theatre practice, the labour market and the European system of schooling alike. 


Finally, the third theme of the present issue of PTJ arises: the future of performative arts in a time of profound crisis.


You can read the full text of the editiorial here.