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Open Call: Creative Incubator 2017 Residency Program (Czech Republic)


Application deadline: 2 November 2017

25.11. – 1. 12. 2017
Žďár nad Sázavou


Use the unique opportunity to gain new experience, get to know new points of view, inspire and be inspired, enrich and be enriched and develop new concepts during the international, interdisciplinary residence. At the residence, you will not work on your specific project, but research together in interdisciplinary cooperation.

The residence will take place in the historical premises of the Castle in Žďár nad Sázavou with its unique genius loci which will thus become a spot for reflexion and dialog, interdisciplinary encounters as well as sharing of questions, concerns and experience in the friendly and relaxed environment.

About the project
The goal of interdisciplinary residence is to share the process of creation, search for parallels between disciplines (dance, music, architecture, science and urbanism) and enrich one another with new experiences and points of view.
The topic of the Creative Incubator 2017 is CIRCULATION. Within the residence we are going to look into the movable elements, practical barriers as basic elements of creativity and their establishment, streaming, movement in the widest sense of the word as a goal for every discipline.

Residence should help us


  •  what enables movement
  •  what barriers lead to creativity
  •  how circulation shows in dance dramaturgy
  •  with what elements and what matter we can work in our fields

get to know better

  •  drawing in space
  •  interconnectivity between architecture, dance, vertical
  •  dynamics and time
  •  principles on which we can create (Rudolf Laban, Pina Bausch, Émile Jaques-Dalcroze, Vasilij Kandinskij and others)
  •  movement analysis, hierarchy and dramaturgy in space (Doris Humphrey)
  •  circulation and symbols


  •  opening new possibilities for emerging emotions
  •  concepts enabling us to feel
  •  distinguishing of what is emotional, symbolic and what is allegorical
  •  sharing of conscious work on the given topics and principles
  •  resonating in space, between participants, between fields

And of course, within the residence we will have the possibility to share and describe

  •  what circulation means to us
  •  how we use it in our work, projects and for our creativity
  •  what principles are for us the bearers of circulation, what questions

we focus on and what questions we are solving
Accompanying topic of the whole process is baroque, baroque circulation, baroque and its benefit to contemporary art and using of principles characteristic for baroque for better understanding our creative work.


Introduction: Introduction of work, ideas and visions connected to the topic of residence to other participants.

Main program: Creative workshops focusing on exploring, creating and discussion in groups, developing own concepts, search for definitions and answers.

Accompanying program: Visit to the Museum of New Generation, chateau of Žďár nad Sázavou and other inspirational places, every morning a lesson of the Feldenkrais method (Feldenkrais method of somatic education is a world-renowned holistic approach using movement as a source for learning processes.).

Conclusion: Final presentation, discussion, its form will be chosen based on the specific development of the creative process within the residence.


Conditions of participation

We are looking for active artists from the fields of dance, music, architecture, physics, fine arts who work on their own concepts, are interested in the topic of circulation and are experienced in this field.


Deadline for submitting the applications: 2. 11. 2017

Application format

  •  Professional CV
  •  motivation letter
  •  presentation of your own project (presentation, link to YT or a video, etc. according to the respective field)
  •  characterising the term Circulation in a relationship to your own work, visions and goals

Contact: Lucie Fabišíková, 604 505 969, [email protected]

Participation of selected applicants will be confirmed by 7.11.2017.


More information at www.se-s-ta.cz and in the PDF file below.