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Open Call: LaborManifest #9 (Freiburg, Germany)


Deadline: 15 September 2019

Open Call For Improvisers – One Week Of  Dramaturgy In Improvisation


The LABORMANIFEST is a discursive and performative platform that takes place twice a year in Freiburg, Germany at SÜDUFER.
It is a space for reflection, vision, development, research and networking by, for and with dance makers.

The 9th edition focuses on dramaturgy in Improvisation seen as an art form. This time LABORMANIFEST wants to create space for improvisers/ performers of various fields to collect, question and research different approaches and perspectives on dramaturgy in improvisation. The vision is to generate awareness and a wider view on this topic.

Therefore the LABORMANIFEST asks its participants to actively contribute with proposals relating to the topic “dramaturgy in improvisation”.

In laboratories participants engage themselves in the research, share their creative ideas and perspectives to feed a collective expanding knowledge. The laboratories are framed as “Movement-Labs” – such as guided re- search, sharing practice, workshops or performances and “Talking-Labs” – such as lectures, readings, discussions or interviews. More ideas are welcome!

The Labs have a variable duration between 1 and 8 hours depending on the suggestions and needs of the proposal. This will inform the number of Labs per day and shape the week and its structure, which also allows space for needs, wishes, ideas popping up during the process.

LABORMANIFEST is characterized by its communal spirit. In addition to the focus on dramaturgy in improvisation and a few scheduled events, there is always space for spontaneous activities. Initiative from all participants is highly welcome and is what makes the gathering magical.

An “Output” of one week of research on „dramaturgy in improvisation“ will be presented on 4th of Nov 2019 at ONCE - Festival for Improvisation in Freiburg.


If you have a question or specific interest of researching on „dramaturgy in improvisation“ that you would want to share, explore & expand with oth- ers in “Movement-Labs” or “Talking-Labs” please apply with the following:

> defined and described “Lab-idea” & biography

If you are interested in the topic and you wish to engage in the Research-Labs and contribute to the collective vision of LM#9 please apply with the following:

> few words of motivation & biography

> START : MON 14th OCT, 9:30
physical training in the mornings _
labs & research _
lunch break _
labs & research _
tea break_
jams & instant composition practices &
performances & presentations _
SATURDAY 20:00 > Doors open for Public
> END : SUN 20th OCT, 18:00

Contact: [email protected]
Deadline: 15. September, 2019