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in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Open Call - Producers' Academy (Belgium)


Deadline: 01 April 2018


The 3rd edition of the Producers’ Academy proposes a global reflection on how professional producers can deploy their skills as cultural ambassadors. Throughout the programme mixing workshops, case studies and round tables, participants will be invited to question their own practice through several philosophical and political filters. This year, the sector will be specifically approached through the prism of care, one of the fundamental concept of feminism.

How to define production today?
Where does it stand in the cultural sector?
How to put it in perspective with cultural rights of the Declaration of Human Rights?
How to adapt the methods of negotiation to specific cultural contexts?
What are the main problems met in production?
How to work efficiently while respecting and understanding different cultural realities of the partners?

These questions will be raised during 4 days of workshops devoted to international productions. Through sessions facilitated by experts and practitioners, we will approach practical aspects of international collaborations including administrative, legal and financial issues. We will also discuss the subject in a more conceptual manner, while questioning innovative production models that reinvent the global cultural landscape.

The workshops will be held exclusively in English.
Lunch will be served every day.
Registration is free of charge, participants will be selected upon application.



Criteria of eligibility

Producers’ Academy is open to:

  • People from all nationalities
  • People who have at least five years of experience as a producer* in the performing arts sector** (particularly in relation to the international development of their organisation, company, association etc.)
  • Producers/Cultural entrepreneurs who have developed or are in the process of developing innovative way(s) to support creation in an international dimension and/or with a trans-sectorial approach (performing arts and social engagement, performing arts and climate change issues etc.)
  • The event will be held exclusively in English. Therefore, participants need to be able to understand, communicate and work in English.

Applications will have to be submitted to CIFAS by 01 April 2018. We will request participants to motivate their application in line with the criteria and programme of this 3rd edition. A complete and updated curriculum should also be submitted.


Financial conditions

  • Participation is free of charge (Full programme + lunches)*
  • For non-EU based / nationals' applicants who need a Schengen visa and/or do not have any funding for their travels in case of selection, please send your application as soon as possible, at the latest on 15.03.2018.

* We can send official invitation letters to those who wish to activate ways to support their participation costs. We, and our partner On The Move, will be happy to provide advice and guidance about available mobility support programmes.


The Producers Academy is a project by CIFAS, MoDul, On the Move and Kunstenfestivaldesarts.


Find out more at http://cifas.be/