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Open call - soundscape workshop: Nature meets technology pt. 4 (Lazaropole, Macedonia)


Creative weekend and  post global recordings presents

Nature meets technology pt. 4

Soundscape and field recordings workshop in natural environment 


Lazaropole;  27-28 Jun 2015

Curator and organizer: Toni Dimitrov 

Project coordinator: Jovan Lambeski 

About the workshop

Nature meets technology is an interactive workshop aimed for young local and international artist from various fields, but mainly those interested in sound, field recordings, sound design and production, radio art, sound art etc. and all those who have an interest in learning about the basics of sound art. The workshop will consist of short lectures, presentations, discussions, field recording and practical work in nature, as well as individual and group performances and improvisational sessions in open space, where participants will have the opportunity to first theoretically become familiar with the matter and way of work, and then practically acquainted with the concept of field recording with portable audio recorders, editing, processing, sequencing, until the creation, production and performance specific sound form. 



The open call for participation at the residency/workshop is aimed for sound artists, sound designers, field recordists, phonographers, sound performers, groups or individuals dealing with sound in any direction, enthusiasts or practitioners, experienced or beginners. Artists working with other related art fields and disciplines and not directly practicing sound, but are willing to learn or maybe combine their practice with sound, are also welcome.


There is no deadline but spaces are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. 

More details and info on how to apply here

Nature meets Technology