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Open call for urbANA ljubljANA 2017 / urbANA italiANA 2018 Award of Excellence


Application deadline: 20th April 2017



International Street Theatre Festival




International Circus & Performing Arts Festiva



Open call for

urbANA ljubljANA 2017 / urbANA italiANA 2018



Two renowned European street arts festivals: ANA DESETNICA – International Street theatre festival (www.anamonro.si), and MIRABILIA – International Circus & Performing Arts Festival (www.festivalmirabilia.it), decided to collaborate in order to encourage the development of engaged and expressive street theatre work created and performed by uprising companies. To achieve this goal, partners decided to invite 10 such street theatre pieces in their respective festival, and award the best one with the prize of excellence. The programme will take place alternately in partner festivals every second year.

The Ana Desetnica International Street Theatre Festival has opened submissions for the first ever urbANA ljubljANA 2017 Award of Excellence.

Formally organized since 1998, Ana Desetnica International Street Theatre Festival is an annual festival event organized by Ana Monro Theatre in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Held at the beginning of summer in Ljubljana and other Slovenian towns, the festival offers its audiences different street art genres by numerous artists coming from all around the world.

In 2017 we celebrate three important jubilees: 35th anniversary of Ana Monro Theatre, 20thanniversary of Ana Desetnica Festival, and 10th anniversary of Šugla (school of street theatre).

Due to vast experience in street theatre events, we are aware of the changes occurring in contemporary street arts. Some street theatre genres are disappearing, and it might be time to invent some new ones.

However, our critical minds detected a lot of entertainment in the general artistic offer. Our soul misses shows with more courage and self-expression, shows that speak about and to our fast-changing and problematic society, engaged performances we could present to our audiences. These thoughts brought us to the idea how to encourage and reward street art performances, which dare to be demanding of themselves and the audiences.

HOSTAna Desetnica International Street Theatre in partnership with Mirabilia Festival.

WHEN AND WHERE5th - 8th July 2017, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

THE AWARD2.000 EUR in prize money, a medal and invitation to play the show next year at our partner festival.

THE JURYconsists of four distinguished members of international street arts professional community (a representative from Ana Desetnica Festival, a representative from Mirabilia Festival, two experienced international street arts professionals), and a known member of the local festival audience.


  • Our objective is to invite max. 10 professional companies.
  • Our wish is to create a friendly atmosphere for working, gathering and exchanging knowledge.
  • The average age of artists involved in the creation should not exceed 35 years.
  • The proposed show has to be at least one year old.
  • We reserve the right not to award the prize should we consider that none of the shows meet our standards.
  • We encourage companies with three or more performers on the set.
  • Each show will be presented at least two times.
  • The shows will be part of the general festival programme.


  • 120€ fee per performer per show.
  • 60€ per performer for travel costs.
  • Accommodation, food and technical support during the festival.
  • Morning »waking-up« workshops.
  • Pleasant festival atmosphere in the heart of our beautiful city.
  • Possibility to perform in other places around Slovenia.


  • Deadline for application: 20th April 2017 at noon.
  • The selection will be made as follows:
  • 1 place is reserved for shows with seven or more performers,
  • 3 places are selected by members of the Ana Desetnica Festival,
  • 3 places are selected by members of the Mirabilia Festival,
  • 3 places are selected by draw.
  • The applicants will be notified of the selection results by 2nd May 2017.
  • In case one or more of the selected applicants will not be able to perform, replacement shows will be selected by draw.


DEADLINE: 20th April 2017 at noon!


If you wish TO PARTICIPATEfill in the application form at:



MORE INFO[email protected] / +386 31 874 443 (Polona Prosen, Producer)