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Open call: Writing workshop and school of viewing (Chișinău, Moldova)


Open call: Writing workshop and school of viewing
facilitators: Aljoscha Begrich (Rimini Protokoll), Germany
Axel Toepfer, Switzerland
deadline: August 28th, 2018

Center for Cultural Projects Azart launches an open call for young people interested and willing to participate in the writing workshop and school of viewing, coordinated by the Rimini Protokoll Theatre Company dramaturge, Aljoscha Begrich and the swiss artist Axel Toepfer.
The workshop addresses both artists with different activity profiles (playwrights, theatre directors, visual artists, actors, dramaturgs etc.) as well as people from other fields of activity interested in site-specific art ( urbanists, architects, activists, anthropologists, researchers etc.)

”Theatre is everywhere. On all places of the city can be seen as scenes of a theatre play: Dramas of the daily life between the habitants of our city. Lets redefine the reality to redefine theatre. Direct, local and authentic.” Rimini Protokoll

The workshop is curated by Sava Cebotari

– Computer with audicity programme, free download
– no experience requiered
– headphones
– basic conversational english
– You should have time and energy for looking around in the city, developing writing skills and learing easy steps in soundenergeering.

Workshop period: September 7 – 10, 2018, Chișinău
Interested persons are requested to complete the participation form by August 28, 2018
For further information please contact us at the following address: +37376032494// [email protected]

Aljoscha Begrich

Dramaturg and Stagedesigner, was Born in Bernau bei Berlin in 1977. After working as stage designer in different theatres he started in 2010 working continuously in different site specific projects for Rimini Protokoll like Remote X or Truck Tracks Ruhr and since 2014 also as dramaturg at Gorki Theatre Berlin together with artists like Ersan Mondtag, Oliver Frljic and Marta Gornicka.

Axel Töpfer

Artist and Filmmaker, born 1977, lives in Bern.
Member of different artist groups and collaborations, like Videoklub network and the Laboratory of Visibility Hy Brasil, Songs for a Pigeon. European Ambassador of the Inagawa Mukojiki Society. Exhibitions, workshops and screenings in Japan, USA, Russia, Israel. Site specific installations, mind movies, stage video and sound.