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Urbanism Residency in Ukraine (deadline approaching)


Urban residency. Open call



As part of its Urban Program, the International Festival of Film and Urbanism “86” invites up to 14 urbanists, architects and artists via an Open Call to spend four weeks in the town of Slavutych (Ukraine) from April 18 to May 13, 2018. During their stay, residents are asked to reflect on the historical development as well as potential futures of the 14 districts that make up the city.


The call is free of charge and open to urbanists, architects and artists from/residing in/familiar with Baku, Tbilisi, Yerevan, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Kyiv, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Athens and Belgorod, as well as those from Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary. 


Deadline for the submission of applications is 7th March 2018 (23:59 UTC+02:00/ Ukrainian time)


The residency outcomes will be presented during the 5th edition of 86 Festival (May 9-13, 2018).


The residency is curated by METASITU, directors of the Urban Program of the 5th Festival of Film and Urbanism “86”.



We would like to invite architects, urbanists and artists to engage with the urban fabric of the city – the fourteen districts of Slavutych. For one month the participants from/familiar with/residing in the cities that are present in the masterplan of Slavutych will have an opportunity to engage with specific neighborhood, one that perhaps might seem familiar in its built form, details or spatial arrangement.


The unit of the district thus would serve as a starting point for the artistic and urban research, but by no means a limitation for possible and unexpected relations and topics unfolded by the invited residents. There will be a modest budget allocated for the artistic production.


The aim of the residency program is to bring together a range of creative practitioners who would reflect on the legacy of Slavutych seeking inspiration from its unique creation process and form new synergies with their immediate surroundings but also among themselves.


Throughout the residency program, there will be a series of artist/urbanist talks by local practitioners, as well as artist talks by the residents themselves. The end of the residency program will coincide with the 5th edition of International Festival of Film and Urbanism “86”, during which the selected participants will share their reflections, findings and interventions.




Open call: 6th February to 7th March 2018


Confirmation of selected residents: 18th March 2018


Residency dates: 18th April to 13th May 2018


More details and info on how to apply here.