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16th Dance & Non-Verbal Theatre Festival, 24-27.07.2015 (San Vincenti, Croatia)


Dance and Non-Verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti is a unique cultural event, organized by Zagreb Dance Company, which has with its long tradition proved itself as the favorite gathering spot of dance experts and dance lovers who follow the festival’s international program composed of contemporary dance productions, physical theater, mime, circus performances, street art and educational seminars and workshops. Founded in the year of 2000., the Festival has so far presented more than 150 dance and theatre companies from Croatia and abroad, with more than 190 productions; it has established good cooperation with the local community; it has encouraged the opening of Svetvinčenat Tourist Board and the opening of the Art Center, in which it implements the programmation of the Mediterranean Dance Centre; it has an excellent attendance rate and it has become an unavoidable part of the cultural offer in the region and in Croatia in general.

The Festival goals consisting of presentation of the recent dance works from Croatia and abroad; education of the new generations of audience; promotion of inter-cultural dialogue and trans-national mobility; taking active part in development of active, democratic and culturally educated society; encouraging of creativity, ideas and attitudes and of the solidarity between artists and the audience are systematically being achieved, and the manifestation brings benefit year by year to all the visitors, Croatian and foreign tourists, local community and Istria region, professional audience and dance lovers, which can be attested by always increasing number of visitors and the reputation that the Festival enjoys.

In the abundance of cultural events being offered in Istria during summer months, Dance and non-verbal theatre festival San Vincenti has secured an important position; it has made the dance scene more topical and helped its decentralization and it has become an excellent brand and synonym for dance.


Festival programme:


Loža/Loggia 21:30 - MORGAN AND FREEMAN Ferenc Fehér, Hungary (HU)
Kaštel/Castle 22:15 - TIME TAKES THE TIME TIME TAKES Guy Nader | Maria Campos, Spain (ES)



Kaštel/Castle 21:45 - VIRTUS Duda Éva Dance Company, Hungary (HU)
Loža/Loggia 23:00 - LUNA MALEKOVA O.N.E., Martina Nevistić, Croatia (HR)



Loža/Loggia 21:30 - ONE BY ONE PardoRavagli / JoverAgulló, Austria/Spain (AU/ES)
Kaštel/Castle 21:45 - ANYTHING Daniel Abreu & Zagreb Dance Company, Croatia (HR)
Trg/Square 22:45 - PLEDGING FOOT Eleonore Lachky & Liberdance, Croatia (HR)



Kaštel/Castle 21:30 - FIELD Tabea Martin, Switzerland (CH)
Loža & Trg/Loggia & Square 22:30 - TRILOGY de facto, Croatia (HR)


To find out more, visit www.svetvincenatfestival.com/en




Zagreb Dance Company