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development of contemporary performing arts (dance and theatre)
in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

23rd International Street & Open-Air Theatres Festival FETA 2019 (Gdańsk, Poland)


plakat FETA 2019

FETA brings together street theatre crews from all over the world, who perform their spectacles in various open-air locations in the Dolne Miasto district (south from the Main Town are of Gdansk). It's held regularly since 1997 and brings theatre art closer to the audience. The spectacles are mostly free and attract people of all ages. There are about a dozen spectacles every day of the festival. Detailed programme comming soon.

From Thursday, 11th until Sunday, 14th of July 2019

LOCATION Dolne Miasto district, south from Gdansk Main Town

GET THERE on foot - 15 minute walking distance from Gdansk's Main Town

Free admission

Programme of the 14th International Street & Open-Air Theatres Festival FETA 2019: https://www.plama.art.pl/feta/program-2019/