East European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP) supports the
development of contemporary performing arts (dance and theatre)
in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

28th Tanec Praha festival, May 23th – June 23th, 2016, Prague, Czech Republic


Tanec Praha


TANEC PRAHA is an international festival of contemporary dance and movement theatre which takes place every year in June in Prague and other regions of the Czech Republic. Since 1989 it represents the pinnacle of the dance scene on the Czech cultural map.

The festival's primary mission is to react to changing conditions and new social and artistic impulses to allow the broadest possible public to see progressive trends and the best works of dance and theatre. Quality, diversity, topicalityoutreach to other genres and space for experiment – these are the crucial elements that the festival's Arts Committee assess when selecting works for the program. 

The festival's home stage is the Ponec theatre.


To find out more about the festival and the program, please visit the Tanec Praha website.