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6th edition of the 3…2…1…DANCE! Choreographic Competition, Kraków, Poland


6th edition of choreographic competition 3...2...1...DANCE!

We would like to invite you to 6th Edition of 3...2...1... DANCE! Choreographic Competition which will be held on 12-13th March 2016 in the Nowa Huta Cultural Centre, KRAKOW.

The event 3...2...1... DANCE! is a choreographic competition which has taken place annually since 2011. The competition includes solo works, duos and trios, basing on widely perceived contemporary dance techniques. The basic aim of the competition is to confront your own choreographic work with professional jury and the feedback, from both the jury and the audience, which is to educate the latter. The form of the competition constitutes its distinctive feature; according to it every juror, without consulting other members of the jury, awards his/her own two prizes for two chosen presentations. The juror has to determine what values of a particular performance influenced his/her decision and list them on the certificate. 3...2...1...DANCE! is one of thew few Polish competitions which is directed to those choreographers who are looking for their own, original manners of expression, regardless of their age and experience.

During this edition, the jurors of competition will also lead contemporary dance workshops. Participants of the competition have 30% lower price for workshop!

On 12th March at 5 pm in the Studio KCC will perform all preselected artists. The presentation of wiinners and the premiere of Group Around Centre with choreography of Agata Molag, director of Krakow Choreographic Centre, will take place on 13 March at 6 pm.

ticekts for 12th of March: 15 PLN

tickets for 13th of March: 25 PLN

phone +48 12 644 02 66 int. 55
e-mail: [email protected]

The jury of the 6th 3...2...1...DANCE! edition are: Karolina Garbacik, Agata Moląg, Leszek Bzdyl and Jos Baker.

submissions deadline: 8th February 2016

presentation time cannot be longer than: 12 minutes for trio, 9 minutes for duo, 6 minutes for solo

application fee: 30 PLN SOLO, 60 PLN DUO, 90 PLN TRIO

the pool of prizes 1650 euro 



Krakow Choreographic Centre