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in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Belgrade Dance Festival 2017



Taking one of the most prominent positions among European dance manifestations, Belgrade Dance Festival, on its fourteenth edition, from March 11 to April 11, will present an attractive selection of titles from the world scene.


Belgrade, thanks to this festival, has become an important point in the biography of ballet artists, the city in which new and iconic dance pieces are presnted and interwined, in which ballet stars and young artists just announced by the world critics, gladly come every April. The significance of the event on the world map, is reflected in current programs, productions that are at the same time performed in the big cities of the world, or events that have premiere significance for the wider region. Discovering contemporary dance through its cutting-edge achievements, Belgrade Dance Festival has quickly gained a large audience. So far almost 200 top pieces were performed, created by the most important choreographers of our time, while each edition is followed by more than 18.000 spectators and 120 accredited journalists from the country and abroad. High standards of the program and the introduction of new dance and theater aesthetics, equally enhance the audience's expectations and the challenge of creating content. Festival has provided immeasurable support to local professional dancers, teachers, choreographers and young people from all artistic fields, who were brave enough to grasp new opportunities and who were ready for the challenge. Starting up the local dance scene resulted in founding of new companies, private schools, studios and magazines, inclusion of foreign choreographers in local production, but also the presentation of Serbian dancers to the world.