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Exhibition "Fortress Europe. Eastern bastion"



The exhibition "Fortress Europe. Eastern bastion" is the reaction to the situation of refugees from the Northern Caucasus at the Belarusian-Polish border, is the result of collaboration between artists, curators and volunteers of human rights institution Human Constanta.

In early September, human rights initiative Human Constanta started  humanitarian mission in the city and work with refugees. One of the activities of the initiative is the providing information and education: to attract attention of Belarusian, Polish and international community to the problem and solve it as soon as possible/ it is one of the most important mission goals.

On this occasion it was organised joint work with the representatives of the artistic community, which resulted in this exhibition. Art, which not only described the reality, but used as a language for the communication, today turns to the socio-political themes, and can be an effective means to achieve social changes.

Alexander Vasyukovich
Marina Naprushkina
Maxim Sarychev
Alexei Tolstoy
Volunteers human rights mission institutions "Human Constanta"

Curators: Ilona Dergach and Alexei Tolstoy

Project Coordinator: Aleksey Kazlyuk

The exhibition will run from 8 to 22 December schedule: Thursday, Friday: 17:00 - 19:00; Saturday and Sunday: 15:00 - 19:00

KX Space, Theater Kryly Khalopa, Human Constanta,
Удзельнікі/-цы: Аляксандар Васюковіч Марына Напрушкіна Максім Сарычаў Аляксей Талстоў Валантэры праваабарончай місіі ўстановы “Human Constanta” Куратары: Ілона Дзяргач і Аляксей Талстоў Каардынатар праекта: Аляксей Казлюк