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Mladi Levi international festival of contemporary arts


19th consecutive edition of the Mladi levi international festival of contemporary arts is set and ready to perk up the late summer scene in Ljubljana and bring leading-edge stage artists from all over the world. An allegorical performance by the French director Philippe QuesneNight of the Moles, will open the festival and have us follow gigantic magical creatures as they lead us into the cavity of the world in their search for shelter.


The festival this year also proudly presents Penny Arcade, the legend of the New York underground scene, and last year’s festival highlight, the Brazilian artist Christiane Jatahy, with video installation of the performance #thewalkingforest.doc. The festival will see the return of enfant terrible of contemporary Belgian avant-garde Benjamin Verdonck, joining forces with a young Portuguese artist Maria Lucia Cruz Correia to orchestrate poetic surprises across the city. Joris Lacoste will make an appearance with Suite N°2, one of the most exhilarating performances in its composition of musicality of the spoken language. The classical festival repertoire this year consists of the international hit performance Clean City, which shines light on cleaning ladies under the Greek directing duo Anestis Azas and Prodromos Tsinikoris.

A portion of the festival programme is dedicated to young hopes with uniquely bold autopoetic expressions: Mladi levi is to play host to the young Indian-based activist performer Mallika Taneja with a surprising solo Be Careful, the Polish artist Ludomir Franczak who is to dig through the archives to bring out the memories of the “recovered ones”, and a German student collective is to perform an exorcism with an entertaining Kabbalistic invention to break the curse cast upon the philosopher Friedrich August von Hayek.

Collectives representing home soil at the forthcoming festival are Beton Ltd. with their much-anticipated premiere Ich kann nicht anders and No!training collective, with their Variations on Slowness: TIME OUT 2. - unfolding an exploration of performing possibilities. Plus a concert evening to spice it all up with the real »badass gangsta rapper« Smaal Tokk.
The international Ready to Change conference with the title theme New Political Mythologies and Art will take place as part of the forthcoming festival.

Mladi levi remains the central arena of encounters and surprises, bringing together national and foreign artists in their experience of art and providing the space of mutual reflection on contemporary social and art issues. In times of all too frequent flight in nostalgic pasts and national contexts, the Mladi levi festival insists on embodying a transnational haven of uncensored thought, active presence and future horizons.

Detailed programme and assorted info here.