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Open Call - art&science @ ESA

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After three successful cycles of the art&science Residency Award, we are very happy to present our new scientific partner for the fourth Residency in the framework of the European Digital Art and Science Network: ESA – the European Space Agency.

Artists above the age of 18 from all countries are invited to apply for a residency at ESA. The winning artist is subject to obtaining clearance to work on site at ESA-ESTEC. This call is open to digital artists to propose innovative concepts and ideas in the field of art, science and technology.

The Residency is divided in two parts – with an initial 2–6 weeks at the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. ESTEC is ESA’s technical heart, where most projects are born and guided through the various phases of development. There, the winning artist will work with ESA’s science communications, outreach, and education group, and with one or more scientific mentors, chosen on the basis of the art project’s focus, to inspire him/her and his/her work.The second part of the residency will be a month with the Futurelab team and a mentor at Ars Electronica Linz, with whom the winner will develop and make new work inspired by their stay at ESA.

Ars Electronica / ESA
Ars Electronica / ESA

The final outcome will be presented at the Ars Electronica 2016/2017 as well as a modular/mobile version of the final outcome at modular/mobile exhibitions at the cultural partner institutions from the European Digital Art and Science Network throughout Europe.


Center for the promotion of science, RS; DIG Gallery, SK; Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation, ES; Kapelica Gallery / Kersnikova, SI; GV Art, UK; Laboral, ES; Science Gallery, IE

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