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Open Open Open Golden Gate Theatre Festival (Kyiv, Ukraine)


The Golden Gate Theatre cordially invites you to participate in our  Open Open Open Golden Gate Theatre Festival,  which will take place on 11-15 September 2019, in honour of the theatre's 40th birthday.

Who are we?
In 1979, the theatre was founded as the Theatre of Poetry and in 1990, was renamed Golden Gate after the historical building in Kyiv where one of its major plays premièred. 

In 2014, a young Ukrainian director, Stas Zhirkov , headed the theatre and changed it radically with the help of a new creative team. Its development took a turn in the direction of cooperation and exchange with progressive European theatres.

Ksenia Romashenko , who has been with the creative team since 2014, has lead the theatre since 2019. The Golden Gate Theatre continues to adhere to the principles of openness and raise topical social issues in its performances. It supports young directors, actors, playwrights, and each year revitalises its repertoire with sensitive and relevant topics to remain interesting for its modern audience.

What is Open Open Open Golden Gate Theatre Festival?
Golden Gate Academic Theatre Festival in Kyiv will create a unique informative platform to bring together Ukrainian and foreign theatre figures. In the framework of the festival, theatre producers, critics, theatre experts and directors will exchange experience and knowledge for further cooperation.

The main program consists of  seven performances by modern Ukrainian and foreign directors which are part of the repertoire of the Golden Gate Theatre.


Genre: This is not Othello at all.  
The play on the absence of censorship, truth vs. fake on the social media platforms. The play combines texts by Pavlo Arie (Ukraine, Germany) and Marina Smelianec (Ukraine), as well as personal stories of the actors of the play. 

Directed by Stas Zhyrkov (Ukraine)


Genre: Political grotesque  
The play is about politics, power struggle, cynicism and the cruelty of those who attempt to reach the highest position  in the  state.  Written by William Shakespeare 

Directed by Cornelia Krombholz (Germany)


Genre: A comedy about two teenagers who talk about girls 
It is a story about two youths who became friends in a rehabilitation clinic. Controversial social norms consider both of them crippled. But this story is primarily about teenagers who believe to be grown-ups, and not about their illnesses. 
Written by Sergey Gössner (Germany) 
Directed by Stas Zhyrkov (Ukraine)


Genre: historical farce 
The director offers his version of the events of the famous night at the villa of the notorious dictator Joseph Stalin. But don't expect any historical reconstruction of the event. It's a different story... Top managers of a non-existing country are joking, drinking wine and having fun like teenagers... Until it gets creepy. After all, as this game advances, it becomes more dangerous. 
Written by Antonio Alamo (Spain) 
Directed by Jules Audri (France)


Genre: Family memories in two acts 
Why did father always talk about the well and never mentioned if he loved his son? But does it matter today who used to love who? Especially when Alexander's sisters want to sell the house, and there will be no place to remind you of your childhood, or the well that needs to be cleaned again. 

Written by  Dmitry Bogoslavsky (Belarus) 
Directed by  Stas Zhyrkov (Ukraine)


Genre: Unusual comedy 
The play is about a forgotten and abandoned  family,  which  remained in  the Chernobyl   Exclusion  Zone.      Here, myth and reality are intertwined, radioactive humour borders on the truth of everyday life. “Why  do  we  live in the Zone, and other people are there - outside the Zone?” In   the  play,   the  Zone  is  a metaphor for Ukraine that is artificially cut off from the rest of world; a focal point for fears and illusions of the Ukrainians. 
Written by Pavlo Arie (Ukraine, Germany) 
Directed by Stas Zhyrkov (Ukraine)


Genre: Performance and collage. 
City   of   Gods   is based  on the play "An Incident in the Town of Goga" by Slovenian playwright  Slavko Grum, directed   by     Belarusian    director  Yury Dzivakou. It expands the boundaries of our experience as it belongs to both: theatre of drama and theatre of object (puppet theatre). Even more so, this production is the first version of this play on Ukrainian stage.

In addition to the official program, we offer:
  • an excursion
  • networking visits to get to know other theatres in Kyiv
  • informal get-together theatre clubs every evening


We will be glad to see you as a guest. Why? 

The Golden Gate Theatre is a special and lively cultural place. One of itspriorities is international cooperation. The theater aims to expand boundaries and borders, search for new names among playwrights and directors. We are extremely interested to exchange ideas and experience and obtain new knowledge to be able to create new high-quality theatrical products.


If you are interested to participate in the festival, we kindly ask you to fill in the registration form before 1 August 2019. 



Organising team will provide you with: 

free admission to all performances and events of the festival; 
transfers and coffee breaks - throughout the festival the organising team will provide transfers between the locations + coffee breaks during the events for participants 
informational assistance - we will help you with any information about our city - where to eat, nice locations, about public transportation or taxis, what is worth a visit, as well as provide you with a free informational package of the festival. 
volunteer assistance - we will meet you at the airport or train station, and our volunteers will accompany you throughout the festival;
language - all performances and meetings will be translated into English;

We truly hope that you will be interested in our invitation and participation in the process of promotion of the modern Ukrainian theatre.

We will be happy to see you in Kyiv!

With best regards,  
Ksenia Romashenko, Director and Art Director of the Golden Gate Theatre and Marina Dashuk, curator of the festival


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact:  [email protected]

Festival is supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation as part of its programme  Creating innovative cultural product .