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World Congress of the International Federation for Theater Research (Belgrade, Serbia)


The World Congress of the International Federation for Theater Research (IFTR) will be held in Belgrade from 9 to 13 July 2018, organized by Studio - Laboratory of Performing Arts at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts.  Belgrade will be the world capital of culture and gather over 900 guests – professors, theoreticians, students and practitioners of performing arts.
The theme of the congress will be: Theater and Migration: Theater, Nation and Identity - between Migration and Stability.
Chairwoman of World Congress council 2018 is professor of Faculty of Dramatic Arts Ivana Vujić, while invitation to speak has been accepted by president of Federation Jin Gratham Jones from University in New York, Bishunupriya Dat, Dean of the famous Jawaharlah Nehru University from New Delhi, Mivon
Lee, professor of Korean national university of arts, as well as many guests from Barcelona, London, Moscow, Brasil, Argentina, Chile and from nations of theformer Yugoslavia.
The topic of the  congress is critique of our everyday reality, and also performing arts, which will be approached from many sides of the problem.
Beside many panels, there are panels of work groups – there are 23 work groups dealing with different topics.
During the congress, which is going to last five days, several related events (performances, activities, as a small book fair of world famous and local artists) will take place in Belgrade.
IFTR Cogress is an opportunity for experts to meet with colleagues from all around the world and exchange their experiences.  Special attention, though, is devoted to young theoretitians through the Forum of Young Researchers, in which students will present their papers on the given subject.
Registration for the congress is now open on the official website.