East European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP) supports the
development of contemporary performing arts (dance and theatre)
in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Zero Point / Nultý bod Festival, Prague, Czech Republic


The first edition of Zero Point festival was realized in 2009. Its effort is to present a new provocative and until now unexplored theatre genres and trends of european theatre in the area of dance, physical theatre and performing arts to Czech audience. Festival tries to mediate meetings with outstanding artistic groups and artists for professional and non-professional audience. By the help of this meetings there is an effort to enrich and inspire public and artists themselves. There is possibility to introspect limits of theatre genres and look for new tendencies and impulses. 

Zero Point is a place for encountering, confrontation and interconnecting. 

At the same time with Zero Point there is a week of educative workshops Performing Arts For the Future which aim is encountering of young artist with already established artists and authorities on the field of performing art. The space for changing experiences and gathering contacts arises and creates conditions for future cooperations on world level. 


Festival program

18/7/2016 monday

| 08:00 pm | fyzické divadlo / physical theatre

Kitt Johnson (DK) - Post No Bills
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19/7/2016 tuesday

| 07:30 pm | loutkové divadlo / puppets theatre

Merlin Puppets (GR/DE) – Clowns’ Houses
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19/7/2016 tuesday

| 09:30 pm | Vyvolávanie bojových duší

Bora Debnárová (CZ) - Uroboros
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20/7/2016 wednesday


| 08:00 pm | tanec a akrobacie / dance and acrobacy

Iona Kewney / Joseph Quimby (UK) – Black Regent
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21/7/2016 thursday

| 08:00 pm | fyzické divadlo / physical theatre

Tantehorse & Jiří Bartovanec (CZ) – Lessons of Touch
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22/7/2016 friday

| 08:00 pm | physical divadlo / physical theatre

Spitfire Company (CZ) – Vypravěč (The Narrator)
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23/7/2016 saturday

| 08:00 pm | Závěrečný večer edukativního programu Performing Arts for Future pod vedením Nicole Mossoux / Closing night of educative program Performing Arts for Future led by Nicole Mossoux

Mladá krev v pohybu (PAFF)