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The Dramatic Laboratory Network, Sweden, Europe

Sylwia Śmigiel
0046 8 30 91 22
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Dramatic Laboratory Network
Östgötagatan 2
S-116 25 Stockholm


E-mail: [email protected], phone : 0046 8 30 91 22
Project manager DLN Martin Odh


The Dramatic Laboratory Network aims to connect independent theatres in Europe which experiment with and develop new dramatic writing, both in member countries of the European Union and countries outside its borders, and to facilitate communication and exchange of dramatic texts. DLN wants to encourage the spread of new voices, new ideas, influences and artistic currents, to strengthen and vitalize its theatres.

The theatres in the network will gain access to the cutting edge writing produced in independent theatres across Europe. The continent will be opened for greater mobility, expanded possibilities for production and participation in the broad theatrical arena it provides. Knowledge and accessibility of new plays and playwrights will feed creative fires of the theatres, developing and putting them in touch with the hopes and concerns aired in young theatres across the continent.

DLN explains that slow growth and sustainability are cornerstones of the project. The work it will do takes time. Developing playwrights takes time. Translations take time. But good plays last for years, even decades or longer. All plays developed and translated within the network will be made available through a web-based library. The network will actively promote its plays and playwrights.

The DLN website will also act as a billboard where playwrights and theatres can find information on production possibilities and submission guidelines, promote projects and exchanges, discover new sources for funding or travel grants. Productions will be documented and evaluated with focus on the text, the director's relationship to the text and how well the intentions of the playwrights were conveyed and received by the audience. Theses evaluations will also be made available, sharing productions experiences makes us wiser.


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