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Independent theatre BURANTEATR, Czech Republic

Michaela Mixova, Project manager phone: +420 605 267 778, e-mail: [email protected]
Information about institution: 

The idea to found a theatre came from two students of the Theatre Faculty at the Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno – Zetel and Jan Šotkovský in year the year 2003. The students felt a strong need to create a theatre group driven by their common goals, the similarity in theatre taste and enthusiasm, and not motivated by pay slips. In 2004 a theatre group called the Tramtarie was set up in Olomouc and during one theatre season it arranged five theatre productions. In 2005, the group moved to Brno and changed its name into BURANTEATR. The name, originating from the word “buran”, which in Siberia is the name for a strong cold windstorm, was employed in order to express their strong objection to the city’s former cultural practices.

Director: Michal Zetel. Key personnel: Jan Šotkovský, Michal Isteník, Jiří Hájek, Petr Tlustý, Kamila Zetelová, Barbora Jelenová, Kateřina Dostalová.

BURANTEATR mainly focuses on psychological drama that cast a small number of actors only. Its programme is based on qualitative texts and on actors.

The theatre has produced twenty-three productions until this date. Apart from its local stage performances in Brno, it has toured the Czech Republic and performed at some of the most significant Czech festivals (Dite v Dlouhe, Divadelni Luhacovice, Zizkovska stace, Festival 13+ etc.). Since 2010 the theatre has a solid background at the multicultural centre Stadec (www.stadec.cz).


The theatre has mainly been focusing on the domestic Czech scene. Nevertheless, in 2012 it has decided to broaden its field of interest and has started to prepare a theatre festival for the Visegrad countries.

In this year, BURANTEATR will to organize a thematic festival of original productions prepared by independent theatre groups from all four Visegrad countries. The theme of the festival is national identity/ national myth/ nationality, however seen from the outside. In other words, each of the theatre groups will choose a national issue, a national hero or a famous literary or dramatic artwork, but from a neighboring country, and thereby external views on themes from all four countries will be represented.

The first part of the festival will be held in September 2012 in Brno, while the remaining parts will take place from October until December 2012 in the three other countries.

Important: The team of the theatre is still searching for partners from Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. If you are interested, feel free to contact us on: [email protected]