East European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP) supports the
development of contemporary performing arts (dance and theatre)
in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Institute for Contemporary Art / ICA Yerevan

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Information about institution: 

Structured as an open cross-functional network of people and ideas/concepts, the EducationProject and Theory Labs provide a comprehensive set of resources, facilities and tools for understanding and operating in the contemporary art scene in Armenia and the wider global art contexts.

As a part of Education Lab, our Critical and Curatorial Studies School offers the students an opportunity to get a hands-on/’learn by doing’ knowledge and experience in the main philosophical, political, critical and art theories. This is the only art education program in Armenia offering experimental syllabi and it is led by a faculty of key theorists, curators, artists and arts managers operating in Armenia.

When it comes to development and implementation stage, our Project Lab is a lively framework of/for our alumni and current students offering on demand services in all stages of multi-scale and multi-format project production namely consulting, guidance, creative management assistance and production.

Harnessing the knowledge, skills and tools developed within the Theory Lab and earned through Education program, the students and open attendants gain an opportunity to further bring them into life through Project Lab and transfer it to Theory, analyzing the research results and opening up new space for new texts and the development of new discourses.



Short history: 

The Idea of the Institute for Contemporary Art emerged within the framework of educational and research projects of the National Association of Art Critics. The major project is the Summer Seminars for Art Curators program held since 2006. During the first two years, the seminars were organized in the format of two week-long summer school. In 2008, these meetings have been transformed into the seminars’ format. The format change intended to make the curatorial education more fundamental in the frames of the course. In 2008 the six-month long experimental course launched, which expanded in upcoming years into a four-semester long comprehensive study program. These research and project programs shaped the structural elements of the Institute. Theory Lab was formed on the basis of Summer Seminars Program. Students of pilot programs developed and carried final diploma projects. The idea of Project Lab came up from these works. Structural-functional cohesion of Theory and Project Labs, as well as the experience in educational program, eventually led to the establishment of the Institute for Contemporary Art in 2012.


ICA Yerevan is EEPAP's partner institution.