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in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

International Theater Festival MESS, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

+ 387 33 200 392

Festival MESS 2014 Official Video

Festival MESS 2013 Official Video

Information about institution: 

The International Theatre Festival Mess is organised every year in October in Sarajevo. It was established in 1960s and is the oldest festival in the region. Each year the festival presents more than fifty performances from different countries.

The festival continued even during the years of the siege of Sarajevo.

Short history: 

"During the terrible siege of 1992–1995 — in which about 100,000 people died as Serb forces  blockaded Sarajevo and launched rockets and weapons from the surrounding hills — the  MESS Sarajevo festival managed nevertheless to put on an international film festival and a  number of historically significant productions.  Most notable among the festival’s theater  efforts was Susan Sontag’s 1993 staging of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot — a production  that drew so much world attention to the city’s plight that many Bosnians have credited it  with helping ended the war."

- Randy Gener


The MESS festival is a partner of EEPAP.