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kolektyw 1a

Information about institution: 

kolektyw 1a is artist-run-space operating in Poznań. As such it works as independent culture institution offering its space as project room. kolektyw 1a is also NGO (association) team producing performances, visual arts exhibitions, lectures, screenings and community arts practices. It promotes cultural education in wide sense and networks local independent scene.

Short history: 

kolektyw 1a was established in 2011 as non-formal group. Since 2014 is NGO cooperating with Poznań City Council, Art University of Poznań, Malta Festival and several more organisations.

The most important projects: 

1) City-doers

Re-granting programme created with funds of City of Poznań. Project by Szymon Adamczak involved other kolektyw 1a team members and was meant to educate new animators and young artist by offering them set of lectures and workshops and then mentored project realisations. Project took part from July 2014 until Decmber 2014.


- Networking Poznań independent culture scene

- Supporting emerging artist and culture animators

- Socially sharing knowledge and skills between young audiences

International cooperations: 

Fuchsbau e.V, Hannover


2015 - one-year grant programme Nature:City:Memory containg young greek cinema screenings, micro-residencies and ephemeral community art practices