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in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

LE STUDIO THEATER, Belgrade, Serbia

+381 64 187 17 31
Information about institution: 

#KPF (Kroz Prozor Fabrika) exist since 2008 as a theater troupe. Since then the troupe realized numerous educative and theatrical projects as workshops for theater professionals, amateurs, youth and children, conferences, lectures, residency programs and theater productions for adults and children.

Since 2011 runs continuously project Open drama academy (Slobodna Dramska Akademija: http://sda.lestudio.rs/) targeting both theatre practitioners (17 specialized workshops are so far realized with mentors from all over the world) and amateurs (every year from 20-30 young people attend courses of musical, acting or shadow theatre that lasts for 7 months/year).

Since 2013. #KPF runs independent theater venue LE STUDIO where it presents regularly, 2 or 3 times per week, their productions and hosts other performances and concerts.

Le Studio performances are regularly performed in the repertoire of theater, and in different venues and festivals in the country and abroad.


Short history: 

Theatre productions:

2016 – Cabaret Chicago (Serbia), directed by Jean-Baptiste Demarigny

2015 – Tom Waits Woyzeck (Serbia), directed by Jean-Baptiste Demarigny

2015 – Tenacity (Serbia), directed by Jean-Baptiste Demarigny

2014 – Under the milk wood (Serbia), directed by Jean-Baptiste Demarigny

2014 – The odd couple (Serbia), directed by Jean-Baptiste Demarigny

2013 – Transsiberian prose (Serbia), directed by Jean-Baptiste Demarigny

2013 – I wont pay, I don’t pay (Serbia), directed by Jean-Baptiste Demarigny

2013 - Chicago (Serbia), directed by Jean-Baptiste Demarigny

2012 – New years eve of the girl (Serbia), shadow theatre performance, author: Sanja Maljković and Selena Junačkov

2009 – One point something (Serbia), directed by Jean-Baptiste Demarigny

2008 – For bread alone (Morocco), directed by Jean-Baptiste Demarigny



2015 - Play for Belgrade (Sofia Mavragani - Greece)

2015 – Istrajati? #3 (Sanja Maljković – Serbia)
2015 – Istrajati? #2 – Belgrade: acting workshop (Jean-Baptiste Demarigny – France)
2014 – Istrajati? #1 – Sarajevo: acting workshop (Jean-Baptiste Demarigny – France)
2014 – Narodne pesme – Biberče / Serbian fairy tales (Sanja Maljković – Serbia)
2014 – (Ne) računajte na nas! (Slađana Milićević i Sanja Maljković – Serbia)
2013 – Tehnike klovna (Jean-Baptiste Demarigny – France)
2013 -  Narcis (Tiffany Ross – USA)
2012 – Moliere & the actor’s creativity (Jean-Baptiste Demarigny – France)
2012 - Akrobalans za početnike (Daniël Meijers i Bérengère Dambrine – Nederland/France/Bosnia)
2012 – Stanislavski and the Physical Actions (Jean-Baptiste Demarigny – France)
2012 – Radionica za glumce : Kvartet (Jean-Baptiste Demarigny – France)
2011 – Tehnike klovna (Jean-Baptiste Demarigny – France)
2011 – Kako se realni prostor tranformiše u dramski? (Ljubica Milovanović – Serbia)
2011 – Želim da… ne želim, an exploration of Chekhov’s Three sisters (Jean-Baptiste Demarigny – France)
2011 - Uvod u pozorište senki (Sanja Maljković)
2011 – Uvod u muzički teatar (Ana Đorđević – France/Serbia)
2011 – Animated object (Dora Cantero & Mina Ledergerber – Spain/ Switzerland)


2013 - residence program for young theatre directors “Introduction to Balcans” (leaded by Jean-Batiste Demarigny)



Development of a professional independent theater in Serbia through strengthening its artistic and organizational capacities and expanding its influence on the society. KPF is realizing these goals through workshop programs (Slobodna Dramska Akademija), productions that are created with high artistic and moral demands and performed regularly in an intimate theater venue Le Studio in Belgrade, and other cities.