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Les Kurbas Theatre, Ukraine

Sylwia Śmigiel
Marta Shvets, e-mail: [email protected]
+380977114743, phone/fax: +380322729204

Les Kurbas Theatre, presentation

25th anniversary of Les Kurbas Theatre

Information about institution: 

Les Kurbas Theatre was founded in Lviv in 1988 by Volodymyr Kuchynskyi (a student of Anatolii Vasiliev) and a group of young actors. Since its inception, the Les Kurbas Theatre has grown into one of Ukraine’s most critically acclaimed repertoire theatres—both in domestically and abroad.

Above 30 performances have been conducted on the stage of Les Kurbas Theatre by directors Volodymyr Kuchynskyi, Oleksii Kravchuk, Yevhen Khudzyk, Ovliakuli Khodzhakuli, Andrii Prykhodko, 15 of them are still in the current repertoire.

Les Kurbas Theatre (based in Lviv) is famous Ukrainian company that is especially known as the theatre with special high intellectual repertoire which includes performances based on creations of Plato, Chekhov, Dostoyevsky, Pirandello, Beckett, Dumas, I. Bachman, Skovoroda, Lesia Ukrainka.

The theatre is also widely known as an unique methodological research center which has mastered and elaborated its own actor’s psychophysics, plastic, voice methodic and work outs. Since 1991, the company has had their own school and conducts its training in Ukraine, Europe, and North America.

Volodymyr Kuchynskyi is the artistic director, – Oleksiy Kravchuk is the executive director, and Marta Shvets is the manager and head of the Drama Department.

Les Kurbas hosts its own international festival “Theatre: Method and Practice” where different researching theatre groups exchange methodologies.

Partners: the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski (Italy), Anatolii Vasiliev’s School of Dramatic Art (Russia), the Centre for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice” (Poland), Theatre La Mama (USA) and many others companies and individual artists from all over the world.

The most important projects: 

The most important projects:


  • “Theatre: Method and Practice. Yarylo’s revels” (1997),
  • “Theatre: Window to Ukraine” cultural exchange, USA (1998),
  • Festival “Theatre: Method and Practice. Alma Mater” (2007)
  • Tour dedicated to 20th Anniversary of the Les Kurbas Theatre and 120th Anniversary of Les Kurbas (2008),
  • “King Lear” co-production with Director Ovliakuli Khodzhakuli (Turkmenistan)
  • “Forest song” co-production with Director Andriy Prykhodko (Kyiv, Ukraine), 2011
  • “Thus spoke Zarathustra” co-project with Mariana Sadovska (Koln, Germany), Klim (Kyiv, Ukraine) 2010-2011
International cooperations: 

International cooperations:

  • “Slavic Piligrims” participation in co-projects of Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski  (Italy) and Anatolii Vasiliev’s School of Dramatic Art (Russia), 1991,
  • “Forest Song” co-project with Yara Arts Group (Theatre La-Mama, New York, USA), 1994,
  • Series of workshops, CPR (Great Britain), 2003,
  • “Three Bridges” co-project with Lalish Theaterlabor (Wien, Austria), 2008,
  • “King Lear” co-production with Director Ovliakuli Khodzhakuli (Turkmenistan), supported by Open Society Institute, 2010,
  • “Thus spoke Zarathustra” co-project with Mariana Sadovska (Koln, Germany), Klim (Kyiv, Ukraine), supported by Institute of Jerzy Grotowski (Wroclaw, Poland), 2010-2011,
  • IETM member since 2010
The most important awards: 

The most important awards:

  • 2006 the theatre received the greatest Ukrainian cultural reward – National Shevchenko’s Award,
  • 2007 the theatre got its Academic status.