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Nomad Dance Academy Macedonia

Information about institution: 

Since its formation Nomad Dance Academy Macedonia has been an advocate for contemporary dance/performance in the Balkans especially in Macedonia .
Nomad Dance Academy Macedonia educates its members through a variety of educational programs here in Macedonia and abroad which fortifies their work and progress.
Their goal is to create a platform that will recognize and nurture contemporary dance in Macedonia . Through active participation and development projects Nomad Dance Academy Macedonia contributes to the artistic development of our country.

Nomad Dance Academy - Macedonia is an organization that generates new work, as well as opportunities for creating and the development of professionals in the field of contemporary dance and theater.


Nomad Dance Academy is a systematic process designed to establish strong, recognizable, unique Balkan contemporary dance scene which is professional, socially relevant and influential, open and connected.


NOMAD Dance Academy is:

  • platform for collaboration in contemporary dance,
  • self-refreshing organizational model,
  • tool for promotion of contemporary dance,
  • intense programme for education and creation.


Goals of NDA are:

  • to contribute to professionalization of the sector and to introduce the model of NDA to other cultural fields;
  • to improve education and research opportunities for both young and experienced dancers and choreographers;
  • to improve production conditions in the field of dance;
  • to promote dance as a socially relevant and inclusive art field and to develop the audience.


This initiative - NOMAD Dance Academy - should open possibilities for development of the existing artistic practices and potentials in contemporary dance based on:

  • intense regional cooperation and exchange;
  • international networking and credibility of the artists from the Balkans;
  • empowering common market which should enable sustainability of new productions and better social status of contemporary dancers and choreographers;
  • interdisciplinary approach to contemporary dance which is a synergetic art form relying on various art fields (visual arts, new media, music, theater, video, art theory....);
  • development of regional capacities – artistic, educational, production and managerial.


NOMAD Dance Academy program consists of three program lines with different focus on (a) education, (b) research programs and (c) productions and co-productions and (d) promotion.

Short history: 

NOMAD DANCE ACADEMY was initiated during a Balkan Express meeting within the frame of IETM conference in Belgrade, in March 2005 when Balkan Dance Network was established. It became flexible and informal network of friends and collaborators, through which contacts and information were provided to its members.

For the members of the Balkan Dance Network, it was crucial to establish regional partnership through number of different small-scale activities, so that informal connections could be formalized and deepened.

The period 2005 – 2007 was very important for the development of regional cooperation, as well as for the establishment of new links among different individuals and organizations active in the field of theory, practice, critique and management of contemporary dance, in order to foster education, professionalization and promotion in this field.

Nomad Dance Academy pilot phase was created as a one-year set of activities which enabled the network of partners from the Balkan region to establish deeper connections, create possibilities of exchange and prepare full version of Nomad Dance Academy 2007-2010. Since then, we have been realizing different parallel programs within the project, and planning Nomad Dance Academy as long-term sustainable collaboration.

In 2007 Nomad Dance Academy became part of European proejct Jardin d' Europe.


Nomad Dance Academy Macedonia is a partner of EEPAP.