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Paraziti project

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SYMBIOSIS AUTONOMY research presentation in Wroclaw

Information about institution: 

Paraziti is an artistic research in the field of performing arts. Two dancers/actors led by the choreographer work on the theme of symbiosis which on the surface may look different than it really is...

The individual who enters the symbiotic relationship is called the symbiont. The term symbiosis is often used only in the sense of mutually beneficial coexistence, however, it includes all models of coexistence. From mutualism to parasitism.

Our background is dance and physical theatre which we are merging in our work on movement material. In the first half of 2016 took part an intensive artistic reasearch of our team. During that time we trainded our body and mind with special training based on qigong principles and movements. We were developing particular principles to the improvisation, working with the theme of symbiosis and autonomy. During two work in progress presentations we confronted our material with audiences of different origin and experience. The dialog with the audience is very important for us - all feedback enriched our artictic process. On 16.06.2016 we presented "Paraziti" in Buranteatr in Brno (Czech Republic) - it was a summary of the first part of the research. It became a performance on the edge of dance and physical theatre.

The next part of the project is still ahead: we invited a light designerto fulfill the visual and dramturgical aspect of "Paraziti". Also we want to continue our exploration in the field of dramaturgy. We are also open to cooperation with musicans who would like to contriubute to this project and express themselves in the theme of struggle between symbiosis and autonomy.

To fulfill our goal, we also need to meet many spectators, present our work to them, find the best ways to resonate with the audience - to initiate a dialog based on shared experiences in life or art.



director/ choregraph: Milan Kozánek

Graduated from the Department of Dance Creation of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Co-founder of Artyci Dance Company with Zuna Kozankova. In 1999 he worked extensively as a dancer in Zurich in the Company Denise Lampart, Molteni of Philippe Egli and in State Opera of Zurich. His teaching and performing is influenced by work with Bill Young, A.Harwood, I. Wolfe, D. Zambrano, as well as the movement method “Axis Syllabus” created by choreographer and pedagogue Frey Faust. He regularly teaches in Poland and Prague.  Since 2003 he started to teach regularly in the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. In 2008 he was invited as a guest teacher and choreographer at the University of Calgary.  The same year he also began teaching at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds and soon thereafter in the Tanz Quartier Wien and Konservatorium Wien University. In 2010 he began collaborating with the Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw, with Theatre ZAR and Studio Matejka (P) and with TIP, School for Dance, Improvisation and Performance, Freiburg (D)

cocreators/ performers:

Tomáš Wortner

Tomáš Wortner. Graduated from Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts i In 2011 he took part in half-year intensive physical theatre laboratory of theatre D'epog finished by site-specific performance Di_sein. n Brno. He is a co-founder and member of improvisation theatre groups Bafni and Kamarádi nacvičených scének.In July 2012 he was musician and actor in Circus Havel (Goose on a String Theatre) on the Villeneuve-lez-Avignon festival. In 2013 he produced and directed Ibsen's play The Lady from the Sea in the form of Autoteatro (performance-play where spectators are actors). He was co-organizer and co-leader of an international laboratory of young artists Ephemeral měsíc finished by street physical performance played in Brno, Prague and Bratislava. Since 2013 to 2016 he was living in Wroclaw, where he was working in the Two Path Studio based in The Grotowski Institute researching performativity of a human body focusing on martial arts (Capoeira, Aikido) and developing a methodology of physical training for performers/actors/dancers. He is leading many workshops focused on different fields of performing arts: acting, movement, improvisation, rhythm and musicality.

Katarzyna Kamecka

She studied Cultural anthropology at the University of Wroclaw and theatre faculty at Studium of Cultural Animation (SKiBA). Her interest in art is realised in everyday practice.  For developing her own craft as an artist she is connecting theatre, singing and dance on workshops and projects connected with many different techniques  such as: theatre research project Dynamics of Metamorphosis provided by The Grotowski Institute, Academy of New Dance and Contact Improvisation  led by Milan and Zuna Kozanek, contact improvisation with Yaniv Mintzer, Voice& Body with Jorge Parente, Body-Mind Centering with Iwona Olszowska, Radiating Voice with Emma Bonnici and others. In 2012/2013 she was a dancer in company Introligatornia led by Sebastian Gębura. She led workshops of AcroYoga and contact improvisation in Poland and Czech Republic for groups of different age and experience. Since 2011 till 2015 she was involved in many different activities of Contact Improvisation community ( workshops, jams, festivals, presentations).

light design: Martin Hamouz



We were able to begin and develop the first part of our research thanks to our partners and institutions which supported our project.

First of all, our project has been supported by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.

Our other partners were cultural institutions from the Czech Republic which hosted us for artistic residencies and supported us with the promotion of our work. That was: Cooltour in Ostrava ( Czech Republic), Pangea Meetingpoint in Orlicke Hory ( Czech Republic), Divadlo na Cucky in Olomouc, Industra Stage in Brno and Buranteatr in Brno where we were hosted with the premiere presentation of our piece: "Paraziti"


Background, purpose, idea

The artistic concept of our work is based on exploration of merging different experience in theatre and various experience in body-work. Our theatre based experience is mainly physical theatre but includes the experience of classical theatre acting, directing, production of theatre made by children, non-professionals etc. Our body-work experience is based on yoga, dance (contact improvisation, contemporary) and acrobatics (partner acrobatics, acro yoga), martial arts etc.

When merging different methods we are working on two platforms. One is movement based platform where we started to explore the usage of potential energy from qigong in the movement itself and the creative process. The second platform where we are merging different methods is theatre. We are not trying to combine theatre with some movement system. We are searching for the ability of human bodies to talk through its pure physicality- from which the dramaturgy is organically emerging. We search how with different body-work methods we are able to communicate on the stage between each other and to communicate with the auditorium.

In both these platforms we are using methods/techniques not to hide our character behind the wall of skills, we rather try to open and show our personalities thanks to the methods/techniques.