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Shadow Theatre Verba, Ukraine

Sylwia Śmigiel
Lyudmila: phone: +3 8 093 961 98 85 phone: +3 8 098 707 66 09 Vladislav: phone: +3 8 093 372 63 39 (for Tv-projects, festivals)

Shadow theatre "Fireflies" - I'm - Ukrainian! / Театр теней "Fireflies" Я - Українець!

Information about institution: 

In the original performances and stories in shadow, we display a variety of topics: fairy tales, travel, space and just human relations. Team "Fireflies" hopes that the mysterious world of shadows will bring viewers unforgettable emotions and impressions!

Short history: 

Shadow Theater "Fireflies" was established in November 2010. Our team consists of students of Chernihiv State Technological University. Theater debut took place at the VII International Festival of Student Creativity "We are together" in Bryansk, where the jury gave us the Grand Prix.

During our existence, we have managed to please the audience in many Ukrainian and foreign scenes.

"Fireflies" became pioneers of the genre of shadow on the talent show "Ukraine's Got Talent", Ukraine and the "Minute of Fame", Russia (similar "Britain's Got Talent"). Our performances gave the theater honorary status of semifinalists of these projects and we was loved for more than 15 million of viewers.


Working in shadow theater allows us to realize the most daring and creative ideas. They said about us - every one of them is a director ... and even a screenwriter, actor, choreographer, painter, costume designer, make-up artist and much more. But during active creativity we haven't always relied on our own strength - we were fortunate to work with such masters as Constantine Tomilchenko and Yegor Druzhinin.