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SKVO's Dance Company, Belarus

Founder and Choreographer Olga Skvortsova +375293553955 Coordinator Valeria Khripatch +375296236441

Skvo's Dance company. "Happy Valentine" Trailer

Information about institution: 



Short history: 

Skvo's Dance Company was founded in January 2012. SKVO’S consists of people with absolutely different external and internal features, characters and profession: designer, doctor, geologist, economist, linguist, etc. – everybody had his own way to contemporary dance.

Beginning from the year 2009 in a dance studio of the Theatre of Contemporary Dance D.O.Z.SK.I. there was happening a group buildup in regime of laboratory. Dancing performance "Happy Valentine" became inevitable result of it. The premiere was made at 3rd of April 2012.

During short period of its existence the young group had a time to participate in the following fests and projects: Research project about Minsk modern art "Radius of zero" (Minsk) Fest of experimental art-projects "FunHouse" (Minsk), The Night of Museums, International Festival of Modern Choreography IFMC (Belarus), such fests of modern art as "Trienale" and "Biennale", PlaStforma Minsk-2013, PlaStforma Lublin-2013, cooperation with Instrumental group Port Mone (Belarus), ili-ili band (Belarus) and others.

Skvo's founder and  choreographer is Olga Skvortsova – actress, choreographer, dancer, performer, teacher, has graduated from Belarusian Academy of Arts, theatrical department. She has worked as an actress and choreographer in many Minsk and Belarusian theatres. At the moment is a practicing actress at the State theatre of Belarusian Drama.

The most important projects: 

In the repertoire of the company there are pieces: "Happy Valentine", "Decadence. Dialogues.", "Bardo" , "Self to the Nth power", "Solo".
1. Performance "Happy Valentine"

( Full version: 45 minutes, 9 persons / Part of performance 15 minutes, 4 persons)
Performance has an issue to investigate femininity concept using the following hopeless mode of behavior - "redneck-girls". Even such a female has a need to love, this need changes through any opposition.
Choreography by Olga Skvortsova

2. Miniature "Decadence.Dialogues"

(12 min., 5 persons)
Smells, noises, whispers, everything is important. Anomie period gives a push to rebirth or to absolute fail. Balancing we make our own choice, where to go.
Choreography by Olga Skvortsova

3. Duet "Self to the Nth power"

(15 min, 2 persons)
Why our self perception often differs from wider public view of us? Probably, this is true that human consists of several personalities at once? And depending on a situation one or another "Me" appears? Probably the only one present "Me" exists, and spare analysis doesn’t allow this "Me" to break away and to become visible?
"…I don’t know who from two of us is writing this page"
Choreography by Anna Korzyuk

4. "Bardo" (30 min, 5 persons)

"Bardo" (Tibetan bardo, sanskrit antarābhava) - Intermediate State between one and another condition.

It is an experimental work about a Human, his relations with time, death and other humans, about the deficit of nightness and sympathy.
Torque or moment of force, is the tendency of a force to rotate an object about an axis, fulcrum, or pivot. The definition of torque states that one or both of the angular velocity or the moment of inertia of an object are changing. Just as a force is a push or a pull, a torque can be thought of as a twist to an object. Loosely speaking, torque is a measure of the turning force on an object such as a bolt or a flywheel.

It is not related to real life.
Premiere of 19th of June 2013
Choreography by Olga Skvortsova

5. "Solo"

(9 minutes, 1 person)
"To sublimate, to endlessly crowd your personal world with unnecessary events, people, facts, details, to set out relationships with time just in order to stop in a flash and understand that you can’t answer the question -what are you dreaming about?...". Triptych on the subject of body transformation from an "introverted person" to a "self-free person".
Choreography by Anna Korzyuk and Olga Skvortsova