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Studio 12- studio for young drama, Slovakia

http://www.studio12.sk/kontakt.html Marek Godovič, dramaturgy, press e-mail: [email protected], phone: 02 / 2048 7603 Miroslav Zwiefelhofer, PR, producent, e-mail: [email protected], phone: 02 / 2048 7602
Information about institution: 

Studio 12 was founded in December 2001 at the initiative of the Theatre Institute in order to establish a theatrical place where contemporary Slovak and international drama can be shown. The studio’s dramaturgy is aimed at spectators interested in contemporary dramatic art set in a broader culture-social context.

Studio director: Mgr.Art. Vladislava Fekete,ArD. Important personnel: Dária F. Fehérová- project manager, Miroslav Zwiefelhofer - PR, producer, Marek Godovič - dramaturgy, media.

The programme dramaturgy focuses on original activities, projects of guest theatres from Slovakia and abroad, workshops, educational programmes, presentation of contemporary drama and stage readings of dramatic texts of Drama competition finalists. Studio 12 is hosts the Nová drama / New Drama Festival of contemporary Slovak and international drama. From 2006 Studio 12 has been the initiator of educational projects dealing with new forms of theatre and contemporary drama that focuses on students of primary and grammar schools, as well as students of the Academy of Performing Arts.

During its more than ten-years of existence, the studio has collaborated with many theatre and music associations by offering space for presentations of new works. In the future, Studio 12 plans further collaboration with other institutes, contemporary stages from Slovakia and foreign countries, and to participate in international projects and partnerships.

The most important projects:

  • New drama/Nová dráma- international theatre festival for young and new drama
  • New performance - the performances of contemporary drama produced by the Theatre Institute/Studio 12
  • Mliečne zuby (Milk teeth) - cycle of authorial project stagings by students or fresh graduates of theatre schools
  • New writing - seminar on scriptwriting held by leading Slovak and foreign lecturers and playwrights
  • Weread4school – cycle of staged readings of contemporary world drama with theoretical lectures for secondary school students
  • New web (Taking the Second Breath for Live Art in Central Europe) – an international project of networking realized in cooperation with Visegrad country partners which is oriented on supporting mobility of independent performing artist and promotion of their work
  • Periphery seeing - cycle of cultural, social and sexual minorities


  • “Dosky 2010” - the best young performance of the year 2010- M.H.L.- dir.: Slava Daubnerová, Studio 12/Theatre institute and P.A.T.
  • “Dosky 2009”- nominated for the best young performance- The woman through the dec, dir.: A.- Totiková