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Theatre Confrontations Festival, Lublin, Poland

Grzegorz Reske, producent e-mail: [email protected], phone: 81 53 603 20 Ewa Molik, foreign theatres, volunteer coordinator e-mail: [email protected], phone: 81 53 603 20

18 Konfrontacje Teatralne 12 - 19 10 2013

Information about institution: 

The festival “Theatre Confrontations" was established in 1996. It has been recognized as one of the most remarkable cultural events in the region and one of the biggest in Poland. It refers to the traditions of the renowned "Confrontation of Young Theatre" held in the past in Lublin. The event captures great interest, both from audience and critics, and has made Lublin into one of the theatre capitals of Poland.

For several years the festival editions were organized by Artistic Comissioners, but nowadays the festival is run by Janusz Opryński - the Artistic Director.

The framework of the festival is based on an international programme, where the main idea always has been to confront theatre forms and traditions, to present theatre personalities and their achievements and to encourage an artistic dialogue between the theatres of the West and the East. For the last two years the main programme has been preceded by presentations of various local Lublin productions. The theatre presentations are accompanied by numerous events such as concerts, meetings with artists and cinema screenings. The musical programme of the festival constitutes is also an essential part.