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Zelyonka Fest Contemporary Dance Festival, Kiev, Ukraine

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Zelyonka Fest Contemporary Dance Festival

Zelyonka Fest 2016 teaser

Information about institution: 

Zelyonka is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) that is engaged in educational and cultural projects in contemporary dance in Ukraine. It is a member of the Ukrainian Association "Ukrainian dance platform".


To create opportunities for development of contemporary dance in Ukraine for dance-makers and audiences.

The main goals of Zelyonka:

  1. Implementation of educational and performative projects;​
  2. Enhance communication between choreographers and artists of other genres of contemporary art in Ukraine and further afield.​
  3. Active communication with audiences.
Short history: 

The first Zelyonka Fest was held in 2010 and lasted for one night. It represented the works of several Ukrainian choreographers at Young Spectator’s Theatre in Kyiv.

Festival gained international status in 2011 after inviting and presenting the companies from Latvia, Russia and Belarus and has been attracting a growing audience over the years.

Today Zelyonka Fest is the largest contemporary dance event in Ukraine. Each year the festival provides a platform for performances by professional companies with the aim of developing the contemporary dance ecology and building audiences.

We appeal to audiences through offline and online resources.

During the year, we have additional activities alongside the Festival: residencies, performances of foreign and Ukrainian choreographers, the organization of joint performances with partners, workshops by renowned choreographers. We average 2 to 5 events a year.

The most important projects: 

All projects of Zelyonka are delivered in collaboration with Ukranian Association "Ukrainian Dance Platform." In this partnership Zelyonka acts as the producer of the events and leads the function of association to provide nationwide coverage for choreographers and dancers.

The yearly festival presents works of both young and experienced choreographers.

Audiences are an important component in our programme and we often host sessions where choreographers and dancers and audiences can meet.

Our regular partners in Ukraine are dance center Totem Art Space, Les Kurbas Center for Contemporary Theatrical Art, Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, ADONATA Festival in Kharkiv, Dnepr-Modern in Dnepropetrovsk, Totem Solo Dance Fest in Kyiv, PUSHOK-Dance Improvisation Festival In Kyiv, Dance Act Festival in Kharkov.

The website of Zelyonka regularly informs about contemporary dance, performative and educational projects in all cities of Ukraine. Reports of the main events are traditionally accompanied by comments of experts. Also Zelyonka has many subscribers in social media such as Facebook and VK.

International cooperations: 

Since 2010 Zelyonka has held meetings of Ukrainian dancers and choreographers with professionals from Europe and has organized workshops, residencies, master classes and performances. Zelyonka also regularly connects with audiences about the most interesting dance events in Ukraine and abroad through the website.

Our international partners are: New Baltic Dance Festival  in Vilnius (Lithuania), Lublin Dance Theatres festival in Lublin (Poland), Plastforma Festival in Minsk (Belarus), the Polish Institute in Kyiv, British Council in Ukraine, the Lithuanian Embassy and cultural center Arts Printing House in Vilnius (Lithuania).

The festival has become a major partner of Dance City, Newcastle in the UK from 2015. They are active in promoting the development of the dance community and the strategic development of the organization.


The organization acts as "an engine" for the development of contemporary dance in Ukraine, which will unite both professionals and the audience of contemporary dance.

In 2016 we plan to create the Center of Contemporary Dance, where events and projects take place.  This will be for the indigenous sector in Ukraine and between Ukrainian and foreign artists.

Within the Center of Contemporary Dance we will deliver:

  • Regular workshops and classes for dance makers
  • rehearsals space for hire
  • performances
  • the presentation of joint international projects

Through this new and enhanced presence we will be able to lead the development of contemporary dance to a more elevated level of understanding in Ukraine for both dance makers and audiences.

We aim to position Zelyonka as the main information and advice centre for dance professionals and audiences.

We aim to develop the staff team to incorporate new member to take responsibility for specific areas, such as programme administration.